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Drain Covers & Protectors

Unauthorised discharges into the storm drainage system can come with hefty penalties for businesses.  Our urethane drain covers are a relatively inexpensive solution to help avoiding costly fines.  They are designed to form a tight seal over the drains to prevent spills from entering.

Our stormwater drain covers are thick, yet lightweight and flexible.  They are quick and easy for one person to move in to position when time is a factor.  They are Manufactured in Australia with chemical-resistant 1000gsm urethane

The sticky polyurethane material moulding easily to even or uneven surfaces, forming a tight seal over the drain.  The heavy duty polyurethane construction is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, fuels and oils.

Our stormwater covers are re-usable and easy to clean with soap and water once a spill is contained and cleared.  The life expectancy is approximately 5 years (do not leave in direct heat for extended periods of time).

The storwater drain cover/protector comes with a canvacon carry bag with velcro closure for storage and handling


In many areas of the country, open drains have the greatest risk of costly and dangerous outdoor spills. Urethane Drain Covers can be deployed to completely seal the drain completely. They are extremely chemical resistant and provides protection and peace of mind.

Storm drain protection is generally used and installed as a temporary stop-gap measure on sites to prevent unwanted elements and chemicals from entering the stormwater systems.

Spillage of hazardous, toxic, or corrosive chemicals on factory or warehouse floors is a problem enough on its own. Clean up has to be done immediately or risk contamination.

Businesses may face heavy penalties if they discharge unauthorised waste into the storm drainage system. A cost-effective solution to preventing costly fines is our urethane drain covers. They are designed to form a tight seal over the drains to prevent spills from ingress.
Hazardous, toxic, or corrosive chemicals can potentially damage your property and the environment, and can also be very hazardous to people as well. Depending on their potency, the hazardous property of various chemicals is their propensity to damage property and matter through chemical reactions.
Of course, anything that goes into the storm drain eventually ends up in our waters. If contaminants enter drains, they can cause havoc to the environment and chances are, contaminants may enter the food chain.

It is dangerous to let chemicals or toxins to slip into the water source. Our Stormwater Drain Covers are a viable solution to this problem. You will never have to stress again about being responsible for water contamination.


Drain Covers & Protectors

WSSAs Drain Covers and Protectors are made of chemical-resistant urethane that is capable of forming tight seals over drains to prevent spills from entering it.

Our stormwater covers come in three sizes to suit your needs. The sizes we offer are:

  1. 60 cm x 60 cm x 1.7 cm (5 kg)
  2. 90 cm x 90 cm x 1.7 cm (7 kg)
  3. 120 cm x 120 cm x 2.0 cm (11 kg)

The size you select for your use should overlap your drain grate by at least 10 cm.

This stormwater drain cover/protector comes with a carrying bag with Velcro closure for convenient storage and handling.

Our stormwater drain covers are thick, yet lightweight, and flexible. The process of moving them into position is quick and easy for one person when time is of the essence. Made from chemical-resistant 1000gsm urethane, these products are manufactured in Australia.
Once a spill is contained and cleared, our stormwater covers can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The life expectancy of our storm drain cover/protector is approximately 5 years, just don’t leave them in direct heat for extended periods of time.
With the use of our urethane drain covers and protectors, there would be no need for you to continuously put on and remove drain covers. There will also be no need for you to permanently cover the drain just to confine and divert spills.
Our Drain Cover and Protectors are essential additions to your spill control supplies. They are the right solution to protect your business and the environment from hazardous spills.
The sticky polyurethane material moulding can be easily applied to even or uneven surfaces, creating a tight seal over the drain. Its heavy-duty polyurethane construction is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, fuels, and oils.
For easy storage and handling, the stormwater drain cover/protector comes with a Canvacon carry bag with Velcro closure.
The drain cover comes ready to use in the event of emergencies, so you can contain any spills fast. After you’re done containing spills, the drain cover is easy to clean and be ready for future use. Just wash it off with water, roll it into a tube and store in its supplied Canvacon carry bag.

Construction: WSSA’s Stormwater Drain Cover/Protector are manufactured from sticky polyurethane material that is long-lasting and can withstand long-term outdoor use as long as they are not exposed to direct heat for long periods of time.

Its 1,000 GSM urethane construction is resistant to most chemicals including oil, fuel, and water. A simple washing of the cover makes it reusable while maintaining a sticky seal for extra protection.

Costly and dangerous spills are most likely to occur in open drains. Urethane covers can be deployed quickly to seal any drain in a snap.

  • Completely sealing the drains in the event of a spill can provide time for cleanup.
  • Its durable urethane construction provides long usage life
  • Several sizes are available.

If you have drains near where you transfer liquids, oils, contaminants, machine wash downs, or even hazardous and toxic liquid chemicals. Keeping them off storm drains is a priority if you need to meet industry regulations.

You will not only be protecting the environment, but you will also be protecting your business from unnecessary fines and penalties.

You need to use storm drain covers when you:

  • When liquids are being de-tanked or moved. The drain cover is placed over the drain to prevent accidental leaks or spills from ingress into the waterway.
  • In the event of a spill, immediately placing a cover on the drain prevents the spilled liquid from spreading while the spills are effectively and quickly mopped.

The urethane materials used in our drain cover resists fuel and chemicals even if completely submerged. This means our drain covers can last longer and provide exceptional value for money.

One of the simplest and most affordable strategies to prevent contaminated runoff from entering stormwater systems is to employ storm drain covers. These are an ideal short-term solution, simply because these covers will prevent anything from entering the stormwater system. The perimeters of the drain cover conforms to the drain surface, which occludes the inlet and forcing spills or runoffs to bypass the drain.

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