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9kg BBQ LPG Gas Cylinder Cages (P size)

Class 2 - Flammable GasClass 2 – Flammable Gas (Australian Standard AS4332-2004 – The storage and handling of gases in cylinders)

All our dangerous goods stores (gas and aerosol cages, indoor safety cabinets and outdoor dangerous goods stores) are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia to comply with their relevant Australian Standard.

Together with delivering superior quality and function, this also ensures new stock is constantly produced without the delays associated with importing goods. If you can’t find what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

9kg BBQ LPG Gas Cylinder Cages (P size)



BBQ’s are engrained in the Australian identity. Australian stereotypes often include BBQ’s (Shrimps on the Barbie and what not). BBQ’s are prevalent in Australia and can be found pretty much everywhere. With the perfect climate that promotes open air cooking, It’s no wonder why the BBQ has become one of Australia’s favorite pastimes. The only problem with BBQ’s is that it’s inherently dangerous. You have Propane or Natural gas, fire and oils from the food you are cooking if you don’t know what you’re doing it might cause injuries or damage to property. With Propane BBQ Gas Cylinders they are classified as Class 2 Dangerous Goods.

Hidden within the can that you hold in your hand is a pressurized vessel that contains a substance. BBQ Gas Cylinders if not handled properly can be properly dangerous. If pressure builds up in them they can become proper projectiles, Firebombs or explosives.

For businesses that handle large amounts of BBQ Gas Cylinders be it for selling or for business use Storage of these goods must be taken seriously. Disposing of your BBQ Gas Cylinders is important but from a business perspective where and how you store them could be a lifesaving decision.

All our dangerous goods stores (gas and aerosol cages, indoor safety cabinets and outdoor dangerous goods stores) are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and have been developed to comply with their relevant Australian Standard.


9kg BBQ LPG Gas Cylinder Cages (P size)

When storing Class 2 Dangerous Gasses especially when it’s indoors, it’s important that the storage is designed that it minimizes the potential risk the corrosive material brings to your business. This is achieved by designing and manufacturing the cabinet according to Australian standards, and that means following some features.

Construction: Our Class 2 Dangerous Gasses Storage Cabinets are made from Non-combustible materials. Our cabinets are made from heavy duty zinc anneal steel. Our cabinet’s floor, walls, doors, and roof are made with solid steel. Our BBQ storage cabinet has built in natural ventilation because of the perforated side panels, these are all in accordance with Australian Standards.

Our Class 2 Dangerous Gasses Storage Cabinets can be permanently affixed to any surface using the bolt down plates on its base. This is done for added security.
The outward opening doors are required for gas cylinder storage cabinets as stated by Australian Standards. To improve security for our cabinets we include magnetic latches and padlock lugs (although padlocks are not included)
Our BBQ LPG Gas Cylinder storage and cages are tough and easily maneuverable. They can be mounted on a bench if required.
All of our cages come with Class 2 Flammable Gas warning and safety signs. To maximise the visibility and give ample warning to people around it.

The walls of our storage cabinets include built in ventilation on every side.

The walls of our storage cabinets include built in ventilation on every side. The shelving of our cabinets are made of galvanized steel thus improving their structural integrity. Due to the innate strength of the material our shelving can handle the maximum load the cabinet is rated for, at all times. The ventilation helps prevent highly flammable fumes from accumulating inside the cabinet.

The cabinet will then be sealed by Two coat protective finish these makes our cages perfect for outdoor use: undercoat = epoxy powder / topcoat = UV-stabilised polyester powder We chose these coating over conventional paint because they leaves a more durable coating compared to paint. Powder coating also makes cleaning the cabinet easier while also keeping the superstructure of the cabinet safe from oxidation / rust, since the cabinet is primarily made of steel.

What are Class 2
Dangerous Goods?

As defined by Section of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. “A gas is a substance which:

At 50C has a vapour pressure greater that 300kPa; or is completely gaseous at 20C at a standard pressure of 101.3 kPa”

There are three subclasses in Class 2.

Class 2.1: Flammable Gases
Class 2.2: Non-Flammable, Oxidising Gases
Class 2.3: Toxic Gases

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Australian Made

The contents of these are just half of the potential danger they can pose. Remember these goods are stored in pressurised vessels. Even if the contents inside are non-toxic a risk comes from the vessels being pressurised. This extreme pressure if suddenly released either through a catastrophic failure of the valve block, a breach in the cylinder itself or from uncontrolled increase in pressure from within, can turn a simple cylinder into either a projectile or a bomb. Either of those can cause damage to people and property at worst it can also result in death.

In Australia the storage and handling of Gas Cylinders is regulated to minimise the risks they can subject people and property in the workplace.

Because of the severe effects on human health, and the potentially devastating damage it could do to the environment not to mention the impact it can do to your wallet with financial liability of your business, it is of the utmost importance that you and the people around you know how to properly handle and store any Gas Cylinders you might be using to minimize the risk they can bring. The Australian standard (AS 4332-2004) outlines the standard on handling Gas Cylinders, as for safety storage here are some of the requirements that need to be complied with.
Gas Cylinders are categorised as a Class 2 Dangerous Good in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and should be stored in accordance with AS4332-2004.
Safety storage cabinets for dangerous goods are important for keeping your workplace safe.

Our range of chemical safety cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, flammable safety cabinets, toxic / poison storage cabinets, pesticide safety cabinets and gas cylinder cages are the ideal storage devices for your workplace.

The team at WSSA are experts in the field of dangerous goods storage and If you are storing BBQ Gas Cylinders whether for recreation or for business purposes WSSA have the perfect solution for you.
Together with delivering superior quality and function, this also allows us to create custom-made DG stores quickly, efficiently and economically. If there’s something specific you need and can’t find it in our standard range, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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