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Store Toxic or Corrosive Chemicals with Chemical Safety Cupboards from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Handling chemicals is dangerous. Many chemicals are toxic, corrosive, flammable, or perhaps even all three. Contact of these chemicals with the skin or eyes can lead to serious and irreversible injury. Spills can be catastrophic and can significantly damage surfaces or other materials. For good reason, handling chemicals on a worksite or in the workplace must be done with utmost care.

Comply with Australian Standards with Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinets from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

If your business uses, stores, transports, or otherwise handles corrosive substances, then you are required to abide by AS 3780-2008 (‘The storage and handling of corrosive substances’). Passed in 2008, this Australian standard sets ‘minimum acceptable safety requirements’ for facilities in which you may store corrosive chemicals. Corrosive substances are defined that meet the Class 8 classification criteria under the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code.

Dangerous Goods Storage: From Indoor to Outdoor and Liquids to Batteries, Wholesale Safety Storage Australia Provides Smart Ways to Store Dangerous Materials

Storing materials classified as ‘dangerous goods’ under the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code isn’t always easy. On the one hand, these materials often prove to be essential for businesses in their day to day operations. Things like batteries or pesticides cannot easily be removed from the equation for these enterprises. On the other hand, safe storage of these materials is essential to reach compliance with relevant Australian standards.

Need Spill Containment Bunds? Wholesale Safety Storage Australia Has a Spill Pallet and Drum Bund for Your Needs

Wholesale Safety Storage Australia wants to help your facility keep employee and visitors safe, the environment healthy, and your company compliant with regulations. We offer a variety of spill bunds to be used as secondary containment to ensure leaks, drips, and spills are confined before they cost your company.

Protect Your Employees and Meet Australia Standards with Safety Storage Lockers and Cabinets for Flammable Goods

When you work with flammable or dangerous goods in your workplace, you can’t leave anything up to chance. Having a safe place to store those materials is essential to the safety of your employees, the protection of your property, and your overall peace of mind. Luckily, with flammable storage lockers from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, you can maintain a safer workplace with minimal hassle and no worries about noncompliance with Australian standards.

Safely Store Gases with Our Forklift Gas Bottle Storage Solutions

Many industries use pressurised gas such as compressed atmospheric gases, refrigerants, and petroleum gases which demand safe storage. Even if the gas used is nontoxic or inert, inherent hazards are ever-present when storing and using gases under pressure and safety starts with secure forklift gas bottle storage.

Store Gas Bottles and Cylinders—from LPG to Propane—with Gas Cylinder Storage Cages from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

If you store, sell, or regularly use potentially dangerous gases at your businesses—from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to propane to aerosol—you need to have a strategy in place for storing it safely. At Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, we can help on that front. We sell a variety of gas cylinder cages that have been crafted specifically to meet Australian standards. These products will help you handle gases more safely in your organisation.

Heavy Duty Cleaner and Industrial Strength Commercial Degreaser Cleans the Toughest Jobs

Industrial and commercial ventures create tough to clean debris on equipment and floors of manufacturing facilities. Wholesale Safety Storage Australia offers industrial strength degreaser as a cleaning solution for all your dirty jobs. You can order quantities that suit any size job, and we provide free shipping for orders over $250 to the metro areas of Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

IBC Spill Containment with a Bund or Pallet from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

IBC or intermediate bulk containers require large IBC spill containment to handle the volumes they hold. Wholesale Safety Storage Australia provides solutions for your needs, and our products meet the codes under which you must comply. Our goal is to keep your business compliant and your employees safe.

Get Free Delivery for Indoor or Outdoor Safety Storage Cabinets for Flammable Liquids

Price should never be the deciding factor when it comes to shopping for WorkSafe equipment. Sometimes, keeping your employees, your customers, your premises, and your neighbours safe involves investing in premium equipment. However, that point doesn’t preclude you from searching for affordable pricing options or looking for good deals. If you’re shopping for a high-quality safety cabinet for flammable liquids that can also save your company money, look no further than Wholesale Safety Storage Australia.

Choosing the Chemical Spill Containment and Response Kit for Your Needs

Spills and leaks will happen, and your company needs to be prepared to contain liquids that are hazardous to health and the environment. Wholesale Safety Storage Australia offers a spill response kit for the types of incidences that will occur at your facility. We are locally owned and operated and have distribution centres throughout Australia to quickly provide you with products that are compliant with our codes and regulations.

Here’s a little bit about us.

Wholesale Safety Storage Australia is an authorized distributor to one of the largest and most reputable health & safety equipment manufacturers in Australia. We pride ourselves on being able to give our customers a 100% guarantee that all relevant Australian Standards are met on our products, so you can make sure that your team is […]

Let’s Talk Drum Bunds and Management Safety

One of the first things that come to mind when considering workplace safety is choosing the correct spill bunding for your flammable and combustible liquids. Australian Laws and Regulations indicate that spill containment is required where oils and hazardous chemicals are stored in a workplace to prevent and prepare for spills while reducing the risk […]

Workplace Safety 101: How to Safely and Effectively Store Hazardous Chemicals at Work

Wherever we are, whether at home or in our workplace, danger is always present in everything that we do. It’s inevitable and usually unforeseeable that danger lurks everywhere, taking in various forms. In this article, we are not going to talk about economic downturns or human predators, but of health risks caused by hazardous chemicals.

Australian Made Chemical Spill Kits for Emergency Response

From factories and warehouses, down to restaurants, coffee shops, households, or any establishment that handles chemicals, spills can occur anywhere. For those who do not have adequate knowledge in managing, handling, and storing them, these chemicals can be quite dangerous. Chemical-related accidents transpire more often than what you think. Aside from bringing productivity to a […]

Dangerous Goods Storage for Australian Emergency Response

We can all agree with this truth – danger is omnipresent. Whether we are at home, out with our friends, or in our workplace, danger is in everything that we do, waiting for a trigger. Today, we are going to talk about what dangerous goods are, the danger it can pose, and how we can […]

All You Need to Know About Aerosol and Gas Storage

Have you ever wondered why perfumes, when you are flying in an airplane, are never allowed on your carry-on baggage, but are allowed when checked-in? Did you ever question why your body deodorant spray is never recommended to be put under direct sunlight? Or have you thought why it is extremely dangerous to expose your gas cylinders in open flames? In this blog, you will know what aerosols and gases are, the […]

How Safety Storage Protects the Australian Environment

The sad truth still remains – almost every activity made by Australian people leaves behind waste in the environment. Just realize this – every household produces garbage. Buses, cars, and trucks emit exhaust gases while in operation. Various work processes from industrial and manufacturing businesses result in the creation of solid and hazardous waste. A […]

Making Safety Storage More Available Than Ever

Safety storage solutions in compliance with relevant Australian Standards are a must to safely operate your business. Dangerous goods, if not given proper attention, can pose a big problem not just to your organization and your employees, but also to the nearby establishments, and the environment in general. Your business needs safety storage and handling […]


Did you ever ask yourself why your body perfume is never recommended to be put under direct sunlight? Or have you ever thought why it is extremely dangerous to expose gasoline in open flames? In this article, you will know what flammable liquids are, the hazards they could bring potentially, how to safely store, manage, […]


For almost a year now, the entire world has been put into another catastrophe – the Coronavirus pandemic, which has been creating major turmoil in the global economy. We’ve been down this road before; facing several crises in the last century. But this time around, it’s different, we were unprepared. In Australia alone, as of writing this article, we have more than 27,700 cases of COVID-19. The unprecedented […]


We understand. You look for more ways and options to save money. That is why businesses that care about their clients – including us, give free shipping, discounts, as well as freebies! Who doesn’t love free shipping? Of course, we all do. We do know the excitement that you get when you see those enticing […]

Why Buy Local? Why buy Australian?

Look at the phone in your pocket. Most likely you have an iPhone, Samsung, or other big name phone brand.   Have you ever wondered where it came from? A lot of people think that since Apple is an American company that their products are made there. Some are more knowledgeable and are more informed that their phones are most likely made […]

IBC Spill Containment Bunds: Why You Need Them

Let’s face it. Whatever industry you are in accidents will happen. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN. and when you’re handling hazardous liquids they can spill.  Murphy’s Law states that whatever can happen will happen, so if a spill happens it’s better to be prepared. Now let’s go a bit deeper. If you […]

Grilling in Safety

Boomerangs, Koalas, Kangaroos, Didgeridoos, Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin, and “Shrimps on the Barbie” (they’re called prawns by the way), the inclusion of the barbecue to the typical Australian stereotype means that grilling has been engrained into our national identity. Honestly, I’m okay with that. I mean who doesn’t love a good barbecue now and then. […]

Indoor Flammable Liquid Storage: The Basics of storage and fire safety

What are flammable liquids, firstly? Flammable liquids like the name implies are liquids that are very volatile that can ignite easily with a spark or ignition source. To be more specific, The Australian Dangerous Goods Code defines flammable liquids as: “Flammable liquids are liquids, or mixtures of liquids, or liquids containing solids in solution or suspension […]

10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Warehouse Fire

Warehouses. They are not only just a building but they can potentially be one of the most important assets your business has. Warehouses are where you store your business’s stock, be it raw materials, equipment, or finished goods waiting for shipping. In a nutshell, a warehouse is where your business stores a lot of their […]

What is a Class 2 Dangerous Good and How Do I Store it?

Hazardous materials are all around us and are used in our daily and professional lives. According to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code there are 9 classifications of dangerous goods, each of them has different chemical and physical characteristics as well as different risks they might bring.     These 9 classifications in General are: Class […]

Reasons A Storage Cabinet For Flammable Materials Is Essential To Buy

When looking at the storage of flammable materials you need to buy a cabinet that can properly house and contain these elements safely. These are elements that are essential in any industrial, educational or commercial settings where they may be present. These containers allow you to safely keep these elements away and guarded against any danger on a daily basis. Read on to see the benefits of these products.

What To Know About IBC Spill Containment Systems

When looking at the containment of IBC materials and spill protection systems there are a number of options available depending on size, materials in use and overall budget. Our extensive range can not only cater to your specific needs but also offer a multitude of ways to correctly manage your situation. When dealing with chemicals having the best storage solutions with the ideal protection is a needed safety addition that can keep everyone on-site safe. Read on to find out more about these elements in place.

5 Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Compliant with the Help Of Safety Storage

Warehouses are not simple buildings where your company can store inventories, supplies, or goods of your business that await to be shipped. If your job covers managing a warehouse, one of your prime responsibilities is making sure to provide a safe working environment.   Being vigilant and adhering to the best safety practices are a […]

How To Take Care Of Flammable Chemical Storage

The correct storage of flammable chemicals and liquids is paramount to the safety of everyone using the area. Whether commercial, industrial or any other setting, these materials must be properly contained to reduce the chances of leaks, spills and other mishaps that could occur as a result. When you have the right containment elements you can safely use the area knowing the hazards are contained. Read on to find out more!

Best Tips For Dangerous Goods Storage And Management

When managing dangerous goods and their storage solutions there are many needs that need to be fulfilled in order to take care of these materials responsibly. With professional solutions available as well as expert insight you can find the most ideal tools for the job and get effective services to solve your problems. When you have the right resources available you can be sure to reduce the risk of harm and create the most effective working environment.

What Is The Purpose Of a Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet

Flammable liquids storage cabinets are widely used for Class Three flammable goods among the nine groups of dangerous goods. Almost every job has flammable liquids. The ease with which flammable fluids release energy and combust is one of the reasons for their broad use. You may use that energy to run motors in power plants, […]

Choosing The Right Type Of Safety Storage Cabinet

The first line of defence against fires, spills, and contamination is a heavy-duty safety storage cabinet. These cabinets, as their names indicate, store hazardous chemicals, corrosives, and flammables safely. Continue reading to find out more about flammable drum storage cabinets and more. Types Of Safety Cabinets and Their Features  Storage Of Flammable Liquids  For maximum […]

Benefits Of Spill Kits In Sydney For Your Business

Taking a Proactive Approach to Hazmat Spillages Saves Money in the Workplace! The benefits of getting a spill kit are vast! Spill kits in Sydney are one of the easiest and required tools to have on hand in the workplace. Especially for industries that work with hazardous substances, in an age where the industry is […]

Absorbent Skill Kit Guide: Everything You Need To Know

In the fight against spills and pollution, absorb spill kits are essential. Their job is to absorb liquid spills so you can clean them up quickly. Spills are also prevented from travelling or leaking into the ground by using absorbents. Absorbents are always included as part of a spill kit. Booms to contain spills, brushes […]

Top 10 Australian Workplace Standards You Need to Know

In Australia, it is a requirement for business organisations to have systems in place to implement and monitor obligations laws set forth by the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), also known as the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). They are involved in the management of risks, health and safety involving everyone in your workplace.   […]

Keep Your Environment Safe With Pallet Bunds From Wholesale Safety Storage Australia.

Pallet bunds or spill pallets are an essential piece of equipment to ensure the safety of your work environment. In businesses that supply and contain hazardous substances, the importance of bunds cannot be overlooked. Not only do they protect the environment, but they also protect your employees and customers from coming into contact with accidental […]

Create A Safe Work Environment With Spill Containment Pallets

Keeping your work environment safe and clean is of the utmost importance, which is why you need a spill containment pallet from Wholesale Safety Storage In Australia. We provide businesses and homeowners with all the necessary safety storage products to contain the spill until you can properly clean it. Of course, keeping your assets, staff […]

Ensure You Store Your Forklift Gas Bottles Appropriately With Storage Solutions From WSSA

If your business wants to become more environmentally friendly and efficient, then forklift gas bottles are the answer. It is, however, extremely important to store gas cylinders appropriately as they are a class two dangerous good, but Wholesale Safety Storage in Australia has all your storage needs under one roof. Operational efficiency in any business […]

Tips to Safely Storing Aerosol Cans

Give Your Business Peace Of Mind With Aerosol Storage Cages In Australia

When you think of aerosol cans, there are probably a few items that come to mind. Deodorant, bug spray, whipped cream, hair spray, cooking spray, and the list goes on. However, we often don’t realise that aerosol cans are class two under dangerous goods when buying or using these products. Now, you may be thinking […]

Selecting The Right Corrosive Storage Cabinets

Selecting the right corrosive storage cabinets for your business can make all the difference when considering the health and safety of those around you. Whether in a factory, out in the farmlands or any other setting, having the right containers for your chemicals is integral to the safety and correct placement of these chemicals.  With […]

Why your Business Needs A Biohazard Spill Kit

Having a biohazard spill kit at the ready may seem unrealistic for many businesses. However, many do not know that they may need these more often than they think. Dealing with a range of potentially harmful chemicals, these dangerous materials need to be managed correctly to maintain the safety of everyone involved. These systems are […]

Why You Need Spill Containment Pallets

A spill containment pallet is a necessary and valuable safety item for several working industrial spaces. An extra level of protection that captures spills and leaks is a surefire way to keep staff and workers clear of any potentially hazardous situations. In addition, no matter the chemicals in use, these products help prevent them from […]

Why Your Business May Need Safety Equipment

Many businesses need safety equipment for a range of reasons. When working with a range of chemicals and hazardous materials, having the right container solutions at hand ensures the wellbeing of everyone on-site and around the working space. As a way to protect yourself and your business assets, having the right storage solutions ensures you […]

Combat Environmental Disruption And Purchase Chemical Spill Kits Online

When you’re running a business, efficiency and proficiency are essential. When you have to take time away from daily operations to keep inventory flowing, it can be even more challenging to keep your business running smoothly. However, a steady flow of stock is a necessity, and when your inventory includes hazardous goods, you could benefit […]

Workplace Situations That Require Flammable Storage Cabinets In Australia

If your business is using class three flammable liquids, then you understand the significant risks that these chemicals pose to your business and staff. You will also understand just how important proper storage is to mitigate the risks as much as possible. But, how do you store class three flammable liquids? The most ready to […]

Improve Your Spill Response With Spill Kits From Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Almost everything becomes dangerous when misused, and the same applies to chemical substances in the workplace. The mishandling of hazardous goods could be detrimental to the integrity of the workforce, and even more so when staff are not properly trained to respond to chemical spills. No matter the size of the spill, the same precaution […]

Understanding IBC Spill Containment Systems

It can be extremely stressful working with hazardous chemicals, especially when they form part of a production process or any other essential part of your business. Knowing that you need to safely store and handle dangerous chemicals daily increases the risk factor in your profession, but with the right IBC spill containment systems in place, […]

The Importance Of Flammable liquid Storage

Flammable liquid storage is an all-important factor to consider for anyone housing these elements around them. Whether within the industrial or corporate space or in a personal capacity, you need always to ensure you have the correct containment equipment available to protect you from potential hazards. As there are so many potential risks when dealing […]

What To Know About LPG Gas Bottle Cages

When looking at LPG gas bottle cages for sale, you need to know what to look for to ensure you are buying the correct units for your needs. Not only that, but you need to know how to use the safety equipment correctly, and what to look out for when you run into potential issues. […]

Why You Need Aerosol Cages

Aerosol cages are a much-needed containment solution for several settings. Used in both industrial and private areas, it is best to understand the benefits of these units and why you need them on-site. Our professional team of experts can guide you through the range, assisting you in choosing all the ideal storage solutions for your […]

Why Would You Buy Spill Kits?

Spill kits are necessary to buy when you work in an industrial, corporate or private setting where hazardous chemicals may be present. Suited to a wide range of chemicals and contaminants, there are different products to choose suited to the diverse array of uses. When you have these professional solutions at the ready, you can […]

The Importance Of Flammable Storage Cabinet Solutions

Flammable storage solutions are a must-have safety element that can protect not only your industrial resources but also your workers around your business space. When working within these industries and needing potentially hazardous materials around, having the best possible cabinet solutions ensures the protection of your area and your teams at all times, keeping productivity […]

Why You Need To Maintain An Emergency Spill Kit

An emergency spill kit is a crucial safety feature in many labs and businesses. With these precautions in place, any leaks or potential hazards can be contained and kept away from staff, pupils, or personnel. However, protective safety packs also need to be held in good condition to function correctly over time. With the proper […]

Why You Need Reliable Dangerous Goods Storage

Dangerous goods storage is essential for working with hazardous chemicals or materials. When you are at increased risk of combustion, contamination or health hazards, you need to have the proper containment units on-site to correctly and adequate store these materials. Read on to learn more about the correct way to store these elements and why […]

Why Store Products In A Gas Bottle Cage

Having a safe place to store gas bottle products is integral when working within the industrial environment. With so many moving parts, an incident or accident can be detrimental to the staff and the business’s productivity. When you have the correct safety elements in place, you can provide a more comfortable, safe and secure space […]

Why You Need A Diesel Spill Kit

A diesel spill kit is essential when working with this material regularly. Whether using it for a range of machine needs or transporting it for clients, you need to have the correct safety elements at the ready when managing these materials. As a chemical compound both flammable and vaporous, leaks or mishaps can turn deadly […]

Reasons For Having Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets

Flammable liquids need suitable storage cabinets to ensure that your area is safe to use at all times. Whether dealing with heavy industry, home use, or lab setting, having the proper containment options ensures that you can keep your space safe to use at all times. These hazardous chemicals and materials can cause harm when […]

You Can Purchase Your Chemical Spill Kits Online

When you purchase your spill kits online, you can be confident you are getting the correct option from the range rather than what is available in-store. With high-quality safety solutions on hand, you can effectively manage leaks or containment breaches when dealing with potentially hazardous resources. Whether fumes or burning, several issues may arise from […]

Why You Need A Cage For Gas Bottle Storage

Gas bottle storage is best delivered through a cage option for sale. These durable and intelligent designs are the best way to contain and protect these resources and still allow for air to flow and any leaks to dissipate into the air around. In addition, these high-quality units ensure that you can store these items […]

Benefits Of Spill Kits In Australia

Spill kits are a must-have safety requirement for many industrial businesses in Australia. When you are dealing with potentially hazardous chemical liquids, you need to have the correct protective equipment in place to ensure leaks can be effectively managed. When a leak occurs, it can make its way out onto the workspace floor. But you […]

Storing LPG Gas Bottles The Right Way

Storing LPG gas bottles correctly and safely is essential to the health and wellness of your staff or workers. No matter the context or industry, having the proper containment for potential combustible gas bottles ensures their safety and security. With a design that allows for maximum airflow in case of a build-up of gas this […]

Reliable Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets For Your Business

Having reliable dangerous goods storage cabinets for your business is essential to the safety of your work and the protection of your assets. Whether looking to contain gas bottles, flammable liquids or  chemicals, there are container options that are suited to the specific needs of these elements. When working with many hazardous or corrosive materials […]


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