Indoor vs. Outdoor Dangerous Goods Cabinet Comparison
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Indoor vs Outdoor Dangerous Goods Cabinets

Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Compare Features of the Indoor and Outdoor Dangerous Goods Cabinets


There are a number of key differences in the build of the indoor dangerous goods cabinets in comparison with the outdoor range of cabinets.  We will highlight a number of these differences here, to help you in your decision making process.

One of the first differences we tend to notice is in the price.  As of the time of writing, the most popular cabinet on the market – the indoor 250L flammable liquids storage cabinet, is priced at $1,645.00 + gst.  Compare that with the outdoor 250L flammable liquids storage cabinet at $2,340.00 + gst.

So let us highlight the bang you get for your bucks with the outdoor range of dangerous goods storage cabinets, as it is these differences that make the outdoor cabinet range suitable for the harshest of Australian conditions.

Features Indoor Outdoor
Construction material Zinc anneal steel with double wall construction and 40mm thermal barrier Heavy duty fabricated galvanised steel
Finish UV-stabilised polyester powder high gloss finish (colour of cabinet will depend on class of dangerous goods being stored) High-build two-pack epoxy primer and semi-gloss two-pack polyurethane yellow topcoat = total dry film build in excess of 200 microns (meets AS2312.1-2014)
Rear sloping roof with gutter No Yes
Doors Self-closing doors with stainless steel, three point bullet self-latching system 270° opening door for ease of loading and unloading
Locking mechanism Flush mount handle and key lock ISO locking bar (padlock not included)
Adjustable shelves * Yes Yes (except cabinets for storage of 1,000L or more, which have the base + 1 fixed shelf)
Internal spill containment bund compliant with Australian Standards Yes – storage is above the sump not in it Yes – storage is above the sump not in it
Adjustable feet Yes – adjustable levelling feet for stability on uneven surfaces No – pre-drilled mounting feet (bolt down plates)
Forklift tyne pockets No Yes
Earthing capability Built-in grounding connector on outside panel for easy grounding if required Store is fitted with an earth lug and supplied with an earth stake for site installation if required
Safety and warning signage in accordance with Australian Standards Yes Yes
Ventilated in accordance with Australian Standards Yes Yes
Assembly required by customer ** No No
Guaranteed to meet Australian Standards Yes Yes
Manufactured in Australia Yes Yes

* Base or 1st shelf sits above the internal bunded area on all cabinets

** All dangerous goods cabinets are dispatched securely packaged and palletised, ready for immediate use

Australian Standards

All cabinets are manufactured in Australia to meet the requirements of:

Dangerous Goods Class Indoor Outdoor

Australian Standards applying to all  classes of dangerous goods cabinets

Outdoor cabinet range available for the below 4 dangerous goods classes

AS4506-2005 – Metal finishing – Thermoset powder coatings AS2312-2014 – Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings
AS1319-1994 – Safety signs for the occupational environment
ADG CODE 7.5 – Australian Dangerous Goods Code 2017 Edition 7.5
Class 3 – Flammable liquids storage cabinets AS1940-2017 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids
Class 5.1 – Oxidising agent storage cabinets AS4326-2008 – The storage and handling of oxidising agents
Class 6 – Toxic substance cabinets * AS/NZS 4452:1997 – The storage and handling of toxic substances
Class 8  – Chemical / corrosive cabinets AS3780-2008 – The storage and handling of corrosive substances

* All indoor and outdoor class 6 Toxic substance storage cabinets come with a loose DANGER PESTICIDE STORAGE label if the cabinet is to store pesticides

NOTE: supply vs demand dictates that a large portion of warehouse space will be required for the most in demand products, such as the indoor range of dangerous goods cabinets.  The larger outdoor dangerous goods cabinets that occupy more storage space will have lower stock numbers or will be manufactured upon placement of an order.  You can read more information regarding manufacturing lead times here.

Why Buying Australia Made Matters

Each purchase reinvests valuable dollars back into our industry, economy and community.


Australian industries make some of the best products in the world, and by buying their goods, you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting great products.


Australian products and produce have been manufactured to meet our high Australian standards. They come with warranties, and should you need spare parts or service, the supplier is just a phone call away.


You can have confidence in the quality and know that whatever you are buying hasn’t travelled around the world before it reaches your home.


Buying Australian Made matters. And Wholesale Safety Storage Australia is proud to supply spill and safety equipment manufactured right here in Australia.


Only products that have been certified by the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign as genuinely Australian can be authorised to carry the kangaroo logo.


Thank you to all of our fantastic customers for getting behind local manufacturing, and we look forward to your continued support.

Australian Standard

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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