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Spill Containment Bunds Explained

Post date: Oct 27, 2022
Spill Containment Bunds Explained by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Spill containment bunds are brilliant products to ensure the safety and security of everyone around a working site. If you store any liquids on your site or conduct vehicle repairs, it is good to have these installations present to ensure any leaks can be caught. Without these elements, you may be prone to spills around the work floor that can cause injury or contamination. These products are ideal for pollution prevention, catching any leaks or spills that may occur during storage or transportation. Made from durable materials and able to hold a significant amount of liquid, these help you maintain safety levels and ensure no slipping hazards around the site. Whether storing potentially hazardous liquids or large amounts of beverage, these products help to reduce the risk of spill and lengthy cleanup. Read on to find out more about these products.

What Are They?

Spill Containment Bunds Explained by Wholesale Safety Storage AustraliaThis product is an outer case that supports the bottom of the primary storage unit. Secondary containment can fully encase the tank or container or be fitted underneath to form a barrier between the container and the ground. Many working in produce and commercial shipping will have experienced these items to protect warehouses and transport vehicles from potential spills and damages.

Why Do You Need Them?

These specially crafted products are designed to capture liquids if the container fails or is damaged, catching every drip and drop that may appear along the way. This coverage means that fluids are captured and held in a container until they can be safely removed rather than escaping the site and causing hazards. Whether water, oil or alcohol, with the right support products in place, you can ensure no leaks or spills will cause trouble.


Bunds must be checked regularly to ensure they are in good working order. Checks should cover potential cracks, chips, or flaws in the system and any signs of seeping around the base. This should be done regularly, with results noted and compared to find deteriorating elements. You may also carry out more extensive checks to ensure no issues with integrity. Any problems associated with the products should be addressed quickly to maintain integrity.

Spill containment bunds are valuable products that can help you contain potential leaks hazards when dealing with liquids. With the suitable options fitted around a tank or container, you can be confident that any liquids moving around will be captured and contained. Contact us today to find out more.

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