Importance Of An IBC Containment Bund in The Workplace
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Importance Of An IBC Containment Bund in The Workplace by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Importance Of An IBC Containment Bund in The Workplace

Businesses that work with liquids are continually searching for the appropriate containment system to prevent harm to other products and guarantee worker safety. IBC containment bunds may be the solution you require for more effective storage.

While most commercial containment systems can hold enormous volumes of liquid, many do not lessen the effects of potential mishaps. Primary and secondary containers should be part of a strong containment system for liquid materials. The first is used to contain the liquid, and the second is used to contain any leaks or spills that may occur during storage or transportation.

 Understanding IBC Spill Containment

IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are reusable storage and transportation containers for industrial materials that can hold significant quantities of both liquids and powders. They frequently handle dangerous compounds that may be heated and photosensitive; thus, they are made to be strong and resilient. The primary container is merely the first element of any spill management system for handling these kinds of compounds. Additionally, secondary containment is just as necessary.

The Importance of IBC Bunded Pallets

Workplace safety is a top concern for many liquid and powder-using industries. Businesses that deal with petrochemical goods or raw materials in particular need to be careful since mistakes with liquid handling can have serious effects. According to the Australian government’s Safe Work rules, businesses are expected to offer sufficient equipment and standard operating procedures for handling accidents. While staff members are instructed on how to handle these materials with the right care to prevent mishaps, proper containment units and storage facilities must also be made available.

An easy tool that business owners can utilise to comply with Australia’s workplace safety regulations is an IBC containment pallet. These containment systems can hold leaks or spillages of combustible and non-combustible liquids and are composed of sturdy materials that lessen the chance of damage to the workplace and environment.

Australian-Made IBC Containment Bunds

To meet the safe storage requirements of any firm, Wholesale Safety Storage Australia offers various containment devices in various sizes, capacities, and materials.

Please be aware that not all containment systems are created equal. Even when using a material like polyethylene, which has very high chemical resistance, some substances can still be reactive. We advise getting in touch with us using our contact form if you are unsure of what you need to do to maintain a safe and secure workplace (click here to access the form).

Our knowledgeable team will be able to ascertain your needs and requirements and recommend an IBC containment bund solution that is ideal for your company. We are here to assist you in finding what best suits your business’s needs and avoiding any potential compatibility-related problems in the future. What else? Knowing that our products fully comply with the applicable Australian standards will give you peace of mind.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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