IBC Spill Containment Bunds: Why You Need Them
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IBC Spill Containment Bunds: Why You Need Them by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

IBC Spill Containment Bunds: Why You Need Them

Let’s face it. Whatever industry you are in, accidents will happen. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. And when you’re handling hazardous liquids, they can spill.  Murphy’s Law states that whatever can happen will happen, so if a spill happens, it’s better to be prepared.

Now let’s go a bit deeper. If you work in an industry wherein you’re dealing with liquids that are sensitive to light and heat such as food materials, paints, oil, and petroleum products, you might want to consider investing in a Spill Containment system that is robust enough to protect you if anything untoward happens.


What is IBC Spill Containment?

IBC – Intermediate Bulk Containers are reusable storage and transport industrial containers that can handle large amounts of liquids and powdered substances as well. They are designed to be tough and resilient, since they are often used to handle hazardous products that are potentially photosensitive and thermally sensitive. When handling these kinds of materials, the primary container is just the first part of any spill management system. We also need to discuss the secondary containment.


Why the need for Secondary Containment?

Secondary containment catches and contains any substance that spills or drips out of the IBCs. The secondary containment keeps these spilled materials from being the cause of accidents with safety, health, and environmental implications, whether they be major or minor in scale.

For industries that deal with these substances, be it petrochemicals, paint solvents, or other potentially hazardous materials, safety is definitely at the top of their priority list. Since one mistake can lead to potentially disastrous consequences, especially when mishandling these materials are concerned.

Aside from safety concerns. A proper spill containment system is legally required according to Australian Standards, with potentially very hefty fines to those who neglect the regulations.

Spills and leaks, depending on the substance, can cause corrosion, fires and, other forms of damage to your equipment and your workplace. Take note that damage due to non-compliance will not be reimbursed by your insurance. Aside from the monetary blow, think about the damage to your company’s image as well if found that you disregard safety regulations.

Companies are required to follow the Australian Government’s Safe Work Regulations. A company needs to provide equipment and craft operating procedures as part of an accident response. This includes proper containment and shipping provisions, storage space, and employee training to avoid accidents.


Important Things to Note with Secondary Containers.IBC-containment-bund-–-polyethylene

While our IBC Containment Bunds are very robust and are made in accordance with Australian Safety regulations,  you still need to do your part. Companies can’t just put a couple of drums on a containment pallet or bund, dust themselves and give each other a pat on the back.

Safety doesn’t work like that. Secondary containment require regular safety checks to ensure they are doing their job. You should regularly inspect your spill containment bund, just in case your primary container fails.

It should be free of cracks and be in good working order. You also need to check to see that the material is not reacting to the substance you are storing. Your containment system will fail if there is a reaction between your containment material and the substance you are storing.

Draining the secondary containment tank regularly should also be done. It should be free from leaks, spills, rainwater, or other forms of precipitation.  If your storage is located outdoors and in any way exposed to the elements, be sure that your secondary containment system is ready to always do its job at full capacity. We here at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia also offer covered bunds to prevent rainwater collection if your storage is located outdoors.


Local Australian Made IBC Offerings Available Near You.

We here at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia have a multitude of containment products in different sizes, capacities, and materials, to suit any company’s safety storage needs.

Please note, as written above, not all containment systems are equal.  Some substances can be reactive even when using a material like polyethylene, which has a very high chemical resistance. We suggest that if you are unsure of what you need to keep your workplace safe and secure, get in touch with us via our contact form (click here to access).

Our experienced team will be able to learn your requirements, understand your needs and suggest a safe solution that is perfect for your business. We are here to help guide you to what suits your company’s needs and prevent any future issues due to incompatibility.

What’s more? You will be confident in knowing our products adhere fully to the relevant Australian Standards.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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