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Request a quote online as a guest or a registered customer. We will respond with freight costs where applicable.

  • Not all items are priced on the website. POA where price not included
  • Quotes will be sent to your nominated email address. Check your spam folder if email is not received
  • There is an option to register as a customer at the bottom of the quote request form. An email will be sent with your username & password
  • It is not mandatory to create an account

Benefits of registering

  • Customers are able to send, accept or reject quotes from their “My Account” dashboard
  • Customers are able to view current & past orders
  • Customers are able to update billing and delivery addresses via the dashboard

Great Prices, But what is the catch?


Distributors of health & safety equipment

We are distributors of health & safety equipment, of which over 98% is manufactured here in Australia. As we are an online store, we are able to keep our prices down on great quality products because of lower overheads


Over 98% of our products are manufactured in Australia

Lead times: Over 98% of our products are manufactured in Australia, so we can avoid any International shipping delays on most items if out of stock. Stock may need to be transferred from one warehouse to another, so approx. 2-5 days lead time on most occasions. (Maybe slightly longer for larger or made to order items).


Savings are multiplied

Per unit savings are multiplied when you qualify for the discounts for re-ordering regularly from us, or when buying in bulk.

Significant Savings

There can be waiting period for bulk orders, but YES, there are significant savings to be had.

Do You Have Bulk Purchase Pricing To Suit A Distributor?


Most definitely.

We have pricing available for distributors, which we can provide on enquiry.

So, How Do You Do It Without Sacrificing Quality



We personally carry out site visits to our manufactures to view their production and quality assurance processes.

Lower Purchasing Costs!

We deal direct with the manufacturer. No agents, wholesalers, or warehouses between our company and our clients means; no additional mark-ups; no large warehouse or logistics costs, no communication break downs. The savings are passed directly on to your business, leaving more money in your pocket.

Here are some other questions we are most frequently asked by new customers. These questions can be answered by our company philosophy

Question: I’ve not worked with you before – why now?
  • We can provide the same or better quality Australian made products , but from a lower cost base
  • We can help you build a safe and efficient workplace
  • We can provide you with your storage and handling needs
  • We can provide the products you want, while putting time and money back in your pocket
  • We can do what we do best (sourcing the products you want), leaving you to do what you do best (running your business)
Question: Can I just get it from a retailer?
  • In products – yes, 100%! If our company were to offer “in-stock” like retailers do, our clients would loose the value from lower purchasing costs.  However, we are able to provide quotes for smaller/urgent orders at competitive prices.
  • In value – no!  Here is a question for you… what is value?  Value isn’t what you pay for your goods. The price is what you pay for your goods.  Value is what you receive in exchange for doing business.  Sure, it helps that our lower purchasing costs means savings are passed back to you – but that is not what is most important to us.  The value lies in our before and after sales service. You tell us what you need, we source it for you.  We do the legwork.
  • Company Philosophy: Price is driven by supply and demand.  Value is driven by us.
Question: Do you stand by your products?
  • Yes. Our low overheads allow us to frequently visit the manufactures at their factories.  We have a view on their quality control procedures, and their certifications.  This also allows us to be at the forefront of any new product developments. Should their ever be a defect within a warranty lifetime, we can use our direct channel back to the manufacturer to get prompt resolution.
  • Company Philosophy: Our success is measured in our clients satisfaction.
Question: Ok, sounds good. So, are there any other benefits from doing business with your company?
  • Yes – communication. Often when dealing with wholesalers or retailers, there are layers in the supply chain. Waiting for an answer can keep you hanging.  But when dealing with us, you know we have a direct line to the manufacturer.  Maybe you want a quote for another product, maybe a question or problem with an existing product. It just adds up to one less headache for you, and hopefully one more satisfied customer for us.
  • Company Philosophy: The more time it takes you to spend money, the less time you have to make money.
  • Yes – transparency. We will be upfront with our clients when asked for a quote or to source a product. The chances are that if the deal isn’t a right for you, it wont be right for us.  So lets not spend time trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole – lets move on to the next thing that gets our businesses moving forward.
  • Company Philosophy: If the deal is not right for you, it’s not right for us.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


  • E-book file will be sent to your email.


On purchases over $750 to:









*Conditions apply – click to view.

At the time of checkout we will automatically activate your free metro shipping if you qualify.

Important: Assistance with unloading


For items over 30kg, select Tailgate delivery if no forklift is available for unloading. Tailgate deliveries do not qualify for free metro delivery. Tailgate delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver. There must be reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.


Any additional fees from courier companies will be passed on if not advised in advance.


Feel free to contact us immediately after placing your order if required.

Tailgate Delivery Terms and Conditions

Any additional handling or manoeuvring to get the items in to position that requires specialised equipment, such as a tailgated truck or a truck mounted forklift, is not covered by any free freight offers.

For those who are new to freight, a tailgate truck (also known as a tail-lift truck or hydraulic truck) has a rear platform which can be lowered to the ground for convenience when unloading heavy goods.  This is a requirement for unloading freight over 30kg when a forklift is not available on site to unload the delivery vehicle.  Carriers class this as a specialised delivery service, and charge a premium for tailgate deliveries.

Tailgate delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver. There must be reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.

Tailgate shipping adds an extra $135 + gst to shipping fees during checkout to cover costs.

NOTE: Selecting the WRONG answer in regards to tailgate shipping means the carrier may be unable to unload your items and may need to re-deliver it.  The Customer will be liable for any further charges for re-delivery should this occur.  Should you have questions or if you are unsure please contact us first.

Save when purchasing 3 or more items *Applies to ONLINE Shop Only | Check out our video gallery for product features and benefits ->Video Gallery
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