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How to Store Aerosol Cans at Work

Post date: Apr 28, 2022
How to Store Aerosol Cans at Work by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

It is highly likely that you use aerosol cans at home, facility, and your workplace. Aerosol cans are pervasive in workplaces and in society as a whole. Although aerosol cans are not often seen or thought of as high-risk items, the truth is they are.

Aerosol cans are classified as Class 2 on the Australian Dangerous Goods List and can be hazardous if stored improperly. When handled or stored incorrectly, they pose risks that may produce devastating outcomes for your workplace.

Improperly handled and/or stored aerosol cans can cause injury, business downtime, and may also cost you hefty fines.

All aerosol cans, regardless of content, presents a hazard because they contain compressed gas used as propellant. We must also put on top of mind, is that there are materials in these cans that are flammable and can become explosive when atomised.

Aerosol cans also pose potential environment and safety hazards, as their content can be everything from starter fluids to hand cleaners. These cans become hazards if they are:

  • Stored improperly.
  • Punctured.
  • Thrown into open fire.
  • Improperly disposed of.

Aerosols are a broad category of liquids ans/or gasses that are stored under pressure, usually in dispensed by cans. These cans are typically used in homes and in the workplace. For example: spray paints, cleaner fluid, lubricant or lighter fluid.  


General Safety When Working with Aerosol Cans

Workers handling and working with aerosol cans should have presence of mind about the hazards posed by aerosol cans with the specific ingredients they contain and follow proper storage and disposal procedures, including:

  • Aerosol cans are pressurised. High temperatures can increase their pressure to the point of exploding.
  • Never incinerate cans, even if they are empty. They can explode.
  • Avoid puncturing cans to prevent sudden pressure release, turning the can into an unguided projectile/missile.
  • Avoid exposing cans to open flames or heat sources such as stoves, radiators, fireplaces, or space heaters.
  • Cans may contain hazardous ingredients. Workers must read the required warning labels and be familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Avoid getting the can’s content to exposed skin and eyes, inhaling or swallowing content.
  • It is important to wear the correct PPE to suit the task.


Guidelines For Storing Aerosol Cans on Site.

Although there is a wealth of information on Dangerous Goods in general, there is only a brief guidelines and information that relates specifically to aerosols.

There are some guidelines in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3833-2007 titled “The storage and handling of mixed classes of dangerous goods in packages and intermediate bulk containers.” Included therein is a provision to protect the cans from weather and direct sunlight, and ensuring that they are at least 1.5 metres from flammable liquids. Also, they must be more than 3 metres for any heat or ignition sources.

It is also significant to note the environment and the quantity of aerosols are stored. These two factors has an effect on how they should be properly stored.

AS 1940-2017, “Flammable Liquid Storage & Handling,” recommends flammable liquid storage cabinets for small quantities of aerosols. Such cabinets offer both containment and fire protection.

In most cases, aerosol cans can be safely and legally stored in an approved flammable liquid cabinet. However, it is best to store them in dedicated aerosol storage cages, since these cabinets are properly ventilated.

Ventilated cages aid in the dispersion of leaks into the environment. Ventilated cages also prevent material or gas build that may become ignition risks. Additionally, an aerosol storage cabinet will also prevent cans from being projectiles in case of punctures or explode in fire situations.


WSSA Aerosol Can Storage Cages.

Aerosol cans as we said earlier are classified as Class 2 Dangerous Goods in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code should be stored in accordance with AS/NZS 3833-2007.

At WSSA, we provide seven different size options that you can use to store aerosol cans. Our range of Aerosol Storage Cages are built in Australia and complying with Australian Standards (AS 4332-2004). You can therefore rest assured that what you acquire from us is a quality Australian product that is compliant in handling the three subclass of Class 2. 

  • Class 2.1 Flammable Gases
  • Class 2. 2 Non-Flammable, Oxidising Gases
  • Class 2.3 Toxic Gases

To meet work-safe obligations, the storage of aerosol cans and gas storage in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards are indispensable. WSSA’s aerosol and gas storage cages have been manufactured to suit this application.

How to Store Aerosol Cans at Work by Wholesale Safety Storage AustraliaOur aerosol and gas storage cages are tough and can easily be manoeuvred and can be mounted on a bench if required, and more importantly comply with AS/NZS 3833-2007. 

Australia’s national and local work place codes require aerosols and gas storage in order to prevent untimely workplace mishaps. A safe handling and storage system must be able to combine safe designs while meeting the highest standards. Knowing how workplace injuries occur allows you to implement prevention measures.

Always keep your employees safe if you want a more productive workplace. Designed to address specific workplace hazards, our safety storage solutions at Workplace Safety Storage Australia are aimed at enhancing workplace safety.

Keeping aerosol cans in a well-ventilated container is safe, secure, and well-organised. Aerosols can be stored in a WSSA Aerosol Can Storage Cages dedicated to them, allowing for easy storage. Your staff knows where to find and return the cans, and nothing can be placed on top of them. 

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements if you cannot find what you’re looking for in our standard range.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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