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220 Can Aerosol Cage Storage: Keeping Your Workplace Compliant

Post date: Jun 30, 2022
220 Can Aerosol Cage Storage Keeping Your Workplace Compliant by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

It cannot be discounted that the use of aerosol cans is prevalent and quite common the world over. These cans can contain various substances that are used on a daily basis, from household substances to various chemicals that are used by various industries.

These airtight containers are convenient and assured that it’s contents won’t evaporate. However, it’s convenience and airtight nature should not be looked at nonchalantly, for they do pose dangers if they are handled and/or stored improperly.

In Australia, aerosol cans are rated as Class 2 Flammable Gases and Dangerous Goods. They are further subdivided in to 3 Class categories depending on what substance the cans contain.

      • Class 2.1 Flammable Gases
      • Class 2. 2 Non-Flammable, Oxidising Gases
      • Class 2.3 Toxic Gases

Regardless of their content, aerosol cans are pressurised, and they run the risk of causing accidents if they are punctured, exposed to heat, deliberately thrown into fire, or disposed of improperly even if they are already empty.


Working with Aerosols

Most workplace accidents that happen involving aerosol cans occur when workers and staff leave cans or forget about them after use. The hazard is heightened if they are left near the vicinity of heat sources, equipment, machinery, or left out in the sun.

Aerosol can potentially explode if handled roughly – especially if they are in bulk and are dropped or damaged due to impact during loading, transfer, and delivery. It is pertinent that staff know proper procedures if this happens to cans they are about to use.

Businesses that handle large quantities of aerosol cans, whether for sale or for business use, must take storage seriously. Disposing of your aerosol cans is important, but from a safety perspective, where and how you store them could be a lifesaving decision. Even empty or spent cans are potential hazards.


220 Can Aerosol Cage Storage

To comply with Australian Safety Standards, the best way to ensure safety is to store aerosol cans in dedicated aerosol cage storage such as WSSA’s 220 Can Aerosol Storage Cage (ASC220). It dimensions: 62 cm (w) x 46.5 cm (d) x 172 cm (h) can fit nicely in your safety checked and designated work floor.

This aerosol cage, among our other line of aerosol cages, complies in handling Class 2 Dangerous Goods as well as complying as storage in accordance with AS/NZS 3833-2007.

The cage is constructed in a way that allows natural ventilation to occur, this prevents build up of leaking gases in damaged cans and aid in dissipating vapours that may become fire hazards or the accumulation of toxic or poisonous fumes.

Each of our cages are constructed with powder-coated solid steel and come with Class 2 Flammable Gas warning and safety signs. Its doors are fitted with magnetic latches that can be locked using padlock lugs (padlocks not supplied).

Not only are these cages tough, they can be easily be manoeuvrable and be mounted directly on the floor or ground to prevent them from toppling over. We also have aerosol units in this line that are small enough, such as the ASC12, to handle a fewer number of cans that can be mounted on fixed tables or benches, if you so require.

Regardless of size or the amount of cans they can accommodate, WSSA Aerosol Can Storage Cages are guaranteed to provide safe storage of aerosol cans that meets Australian safety regulations and manufacturing standards.

Additionally, all our storage cages are delivered to you ready to use, no assembly required, and totally Australian made.

Risking employee safety or your company’s non-compliance with Australian standards is not worth it. Choose Wholesale Safety Storage Australia over imported flatpacks and on-site assembling. Depending on your requirements, we can provide safety storage cabinets that will meet your needs and ready for use.


Keeping Your Workplace Compliant

Industrial sites, factories, and warehouses use aerosol cans as a standard fixture. And as already we already mentioned, these cans are governed by safety and health regulation covering their use, handling and storing.

Securing safety in the workplace is a process that cannot be left to chance. Risk assessments should always include aerosol can storage, most especially if they are in quantities that can pose a threat to anyone.

Working in warehouses, especially ones that handle various substances, is a possible pool of health risks and safety hazards. Failure to control these risks and hazards could mean a high worker turnover, underperforming employees, loss of working days, injuries, injuries, possible legal issues, and at worst, fatalities.

Having a safe working environment for employees at your warehouse goes beyond simply meeting compliance standards. Identifying and addressing these safety issues that apply to your warehouse is essential to maintaining a safe working environment.


Providing Safety is our Priority

It is a cornerstone of our business to meet Australian safety regulations and standards. Our company prides itself on being able to offer its customers the guarantee that all applicable Australian Standards are met on our products, making your team safe and compliant.

220 Can Aerosol Cage Storage Keeping Your Workplace Compliant by Wholesale Safety Storage AustraliaWe produce all our products in Australia, for Australian conditions, so that you are supplied with the right gear for the job while supporting local Australian manufacturers.

If you are shopping for safety storage cabinets for your dangerous goods or hazardous materials and require help finding the right aerosol cage storage cabinet to suit your needs, feel free to check out our 220 Can Aerosol Cage Storage.

You may also check out all the different sizes of WSSA Aerosol Can Storage Cages and find one that meets your storage requirements. Get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to walk you through our selection of safety storage products and solutions.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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