10 Ways Aerosol Can Storage Help Protect Your Workplace
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10 Ways Aerosol Can Storage Help Protect Your Workplace

Post date: Oct 28, 2021
10 Ways Aerosol Can Storage and Help Protect Your Workplace by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Aerosol cans are a convenient way to dispense various substances from beauty products to household substances and chemicals. The convenience it provides may be countless as they are airtight and its contents won’t evaporate.

Though they may be convenient, and ready to use at a mere press of a button, almost all aerosol cans are rated as Class 2.1 Flammable Gasses and Dangerous Goods. They are so commonly used domestically and in the workplace that often, people forget the risks to their personal safety in using these little cans.
Aerosol cans and hazards they pose

10 Ways Aerosol Can Storage and Help Protect Your Workplace by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Regardless of whether an aerosol can is filled or empty, incorrectly stored aerosol cans can pose a significant risk with devastating consequences in your workplace such as injury, work stoppages, and hefty fines. It is possible for an aerosol to explode if it is punctured, which can cause injuries or destruction. Additionally, if exposed to excessive heat, it may ignite and cause explosions, as well as cause fires.

Another instance when aerosols can be hazardous is when the aerosol itself contains hazardous materials. Many of these products, such as insecticides, are hazardous or toxic. Other products contain concentrated solvents, such as those found in paint or cleaning products.

Disposing of aerosol cans with regular garbage could pose a fire or explosion risk. It is often overlooked how empty aerosol cans are disposed of and whether they are past their expiry dates. Additionally, there are instances when the canisters still contain residues and cannot be completely emptied due to a faulty valve.

Aerosol cans also have the potential to explode if mishandled, dropped or incur a strong impact. Most workplace accidents involving aerosol cans occur when they are left near equipment or heat sources, including direct sunlight.

Ways Aerosol Cans Storage Provide Protection.

Dedicated aerosol cages are the best way to store aerosol cans to comply with Australian Safety Standards. That is why when you take a trip to your favourite hardware store to buy spray paint, you will notice that they are now stored in a cage in accordance with AS/NZS 3833-2007 under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

Workers handling aerosol cans, whether they are aerosol itself or one of its specific ingredients, should be aware of both the general hazards as well as the hazards associated with their specific ingredients. Workers should follow safe storage and disposal techniques.

1. Punctured aerosol cans can cause a sudden release in pressure, turning the can into a potentially dangerous projectile. Cans stored in aerosol can storage can help contain this incident from happening in the event one or more cans get punctured.

2. Aerosol can cages have ventilation walls that allow the natural movement of air, which complies with ventilation safety standards. This prevents hazardous gasses from accumulating and quickly dissipates to prevent possible inhalation problems and possible ignition of these gasses causing fire.

Generally, aerosol cans can be stored in flammable liquid cabinets, but it is best to store them in well ventilated and dedicated aerosol storage cages.

3. Full cartons of aerosols can be stacked on top of each other inside aerosol cages and prevent it from collapsing and falling that may cause serious accidents and or damage the cans.

4. Using aerosol can cages isolates the cans from heat, ignition sources, and other flammable liquids. Additionally, aerosol cages also provide a stable environment, preventing swings in temperature.

5. Having a dedicated cage storage also makes for good housekeeping in your workplace and makes safe work practice easier for staff. It makes it much easier with colour coded cages, where staff can be easily trained where to store specific cans when they are not being used.

6. Another advantage of storing aerosol cans in cages is that you can isolate them in your home or in your workplace. Keeping them isolated is an added safety feature in the event one or more cans have damage that can cause its content to seep out of the canister.

7. Security is another feature aerosol can storage can provide. Keeping the cage padlocked assures they are out of reach of unauthorised individuals. As an additional feature, aerosol can storage also has bolt down base plates that can be permanently fixed to the ground, which provides for additional security.

8. Aerosol can storage also assures that only a minimum amount of canisters is out of these cages during use and the dispensing of it is controlled and the keys to the cages are held on by a supervisor. This in turn limits the amount of cans outside, and proper accounting can be done immediately upon being dispensed.

9. Aerosol can cages are finished with corrosion-resistant coating in accordance with strict Australian Standards and come with Class 2 Flammable Gas warning and safety signs that are highly visible to people around it.

10. They come in various sizes that will suit your needs, your stock levels, and the style of your business.

Warehouses, factories, and industrial sites use aerosol cans as a standard fixture. These cans are governed by a variety of regulations. Aerosol cans are usually not hazardous because of their contents, but because of the propellants they use. Aerosol cans need to be handled appropriately to protect facilities from citations and to maintain staff and asset safety.

Securing your workplace safely is a process that cannot be left to chance. Risk assessments should go into the decision to include aerosol can storage in your workplace, depending on the unique operations of your workplace. A business, its employees, neighbours, and the environment are at risk if hazardous chemicals, including aerosol cans, are not secured.


Our Aerosol Storage Cages are Australian-made, meet Australian standards, meet Australian conditions, and are designed here at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia.

Keeping your workplace safe requires safe storage cabinets for dangerous goods. You can rely on us to provide you with safe and secure storage for all types of hazardous and dangerous goods.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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