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Australian Ready Made Safety Storage

Post date: Oct 28, 2021
Australian Ready Made Safety Storage by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Regardless of the type of business, safe storage of goods and materials is important. This applies to all types of companies, including warehouses, factories, shops, and food, agricultural, and construction services. The right approach to storage can help you to reduce pollution, unnecessary waste, and other costs.

While also ensuring that you comply with your legal duty to protect the health and safety of those affected by your business. A business that handles, uses, or stores dangerous goods must have adequate storage cabinets for such goods in accordance with government and local regulations.

Australian Ready Made Safety Storage by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

There is no question that certain materials need to be stored and organised safely to minimise risks, and prevent accidents that might even cause fatalities. The use of safety storage, racks, and shelving has the potential to store a large amount of materials and/or equipment.

However, using unsafe or uncertified storage can be potentially risky, most especially when they are used improperly that could endanger operators and workers in the line-of-fire.

The use of Australian certified and compliant safety storage solutions mitigates risks and increases safety and productivity.


The importance of safety storage units.

The most important feature of safety storage units is providing safety and security. Hazardous chemicals and materials must be stored and/or transported with care, while taking strict note of complying with safety regulatory requirements and work health and safety legislation.

Storing hazardous chemicals and materials improperly can result in contamination, fires, spills, gas releases, and toxic exposure. Storing hazardous materials and information on how to properly store them can be found on its safety data sheet (SDS). It is a must that you store these products in properly certified safety storage containers and cages and in locations that incorporate the appropriate control measures.

Though the SDS provides information regarding safe storage of hazardous products, the specifics on layout, design, and construction of a suitable storage system are also available in relevant Australian Safety Standards.


Australian vs. Offshore Made Storage Solutions

When shopping around for storage solutions, it may be tempting to consider going for cheap offerings from foreign companies. These companies do compete with Australian made solutions and are selling identical products at a much lower price.

However, careful consideration has to be kept in mind, as there are obvious advantages to choosing to patronise Australian made products. Looking at it intently, you will see that the advantages of local products outweigh any perceived and realised savings.


1.  Strict Safety Standards.

Australian made products have to meet rigidly high safety standards, this not only goes for the items or products themselves, but including the health and safety of those that made it.

Buying local means you can be certain that no shortcuts were made and that no risks have been taken in the making of the products. The same cannot be assured from offshore companies.


2.  Easily Accessible Product Support.

Buying an Australian made product, you are assured of getting structural certifications and warranties that cover the product should anything go wrong. This eliminates any cause for worry and gives you peace of mind that your investment is secured and protected.

Another advantage of supporting locally made products is that your supplier is just a phone call away in the event you need more products, including storage solutions, or if you need additional parts and/or servicing. This makes it easy for you to solve problems quickly and simply.

Purchasing products from offshore suppliers makes it harder to solve and fix these issues should they arise. More often than not, these leaves you with added expense and may leave you out of pocket.

3.  Guaranteed Quality.

Pardon us if we toot our own horn, but we at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia are proud to state that we provide 100% Australian made storage solutions made for Australian conditions. We strictly abide by Australian Standards, and we back that up with a 100% guarantee. Your items are guaranteed to arrive securely packaged and ready to use, no assembly needed.

Businesses in Australia must adhere to some of the strictest labour, business, safety, and quality control standards in the world. In this manner, you are contributing to an Australian business when you buy Australian-made products.

By investing in Australian made goods, you can have confidence in the quality of your product, regardless if they are tailor-made or mass-produced.


4.  Environmentally Friendly.

As an island nation, goods imported to Australia have typically travelled far and have a significant carbon footprint. What’s the point of buying a product halfway around the world if you could have locally made and sourced products delivered directly to your door?

Australian business and manufacturers must adhere to strict labour, business procedures, safety, and quality control standards. Along with this, they must also adhere to strict guidelines to protect the environment and implement such policies.

Energy consumption is reduced when buying locally since it would require less energy to transport products, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Since Australian made products are manufactured with higher standards, they are more than likely to last longer and repair options are easily available if the need arises. This results in a greater return on investment with less waste ending up in landfills.


5.  Choosing Australian Made Supports the Australian Economy.

By purchasing Australian made safety storage and local products, you help the economy and enhance local jobs. Manufacturing businesses in Australia generate significant amounts of tax revenue for the country and provide jobs for locals — including your family and friends.

Purchasing Australian made products keeps money within Australia, generating more income for the national economy by supporting local businesses and industries.

If you are considering purchasing safety storage units, we would advise you to patronise locally manufactured products. Doing so ensures that it fulfils your duty to care for your guests, employees, and the environment.


For more detailed information about storage products that we offer, or to simply make an enquiry about our line-up, call Wholesale Safety Storage Australia at 1300 903 933 or shoot our Sales & Support an email at or come visit our contact page to find ways to get in touch with us.

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