Benefits of Buying Australian Safety Storage
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Benefits of Buying Australian Safety Storage

Post date: Nov 30, 2023
Benefits of Buying Australian Safety Storage by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

As a safety-conscious business owner or manager, it’s crucial to invest in reliable and safety compliant storage solutions for businesses that handle, transport or use dangerous goods. As a consumer/buyer, you have the option to purchase safety storage solutions from international suppliers, or opt for Australian-made and manufactured safety storage solutions.

We will discuss the advantages of choosing Australian-made and manufactured safety storage solutions over international alternatives. Additionally, we will also discuss the importance and significance of adhering to Australian Safety Standards.


Why Choose Australian-made and Manufactured Storage Solutions Over International Alternatives?

Benefits of Buying Australian Safety Storage by Wholesale Safety Storage AustraliaThere are a multitude of advantages when you opt for Australian-made and manufactured safety storage solutions over their international alternatives. It is not only advantageous for individual local businesses but also for the Australian economy as a whole.

By supporting local manufacturers, businesses contribute to job creation and economic growth within the country. You can then help bolster the domestic market and stimulate innovation, and enable Australian manufacturers to develop cutting-edge safety storage products that cater to the unique challenges of the Australian environment.

Furthermore, by sourcing your purchases locally, the supply chain becomes more efficient, which in turn reduces lead times. This will then ensure a faster access to goods by other customers in need of safety storage products.

Safety and regulatory compliance laws are stringent in Australia. They are enforced to protect the public, your workers, and the environment from potential risks and dangers. When a business invests in Australian-made safety storage solutions, they can be assured that the products they purchase are compliant with Australian safety standards and regulations. Locally developed and manufactured safety solutions ensure your business remains on the right side of the law and avoid penalties associated with non-compliance.

Furthermore, Australian safety storage suppliers like us at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA), prioritise safety in our product selection process. Our products have undergone proper testing and quality assurance checks to meet, and exceed, the country’s standards for safety, compliance, and ethical practices.

Another aspect to put in consideration when purchasing safety storage equipment is if they are made to withstand extreme environmental conditions, varying landscapes where they will be used, and specific local safety requirements. WSSA safety storage solutions address these challenges head on. Local manufacturers are well-versed in designing products that can withstand even the harshest Australian climate and remain functional and safe even in diverse settings.

With a deep understanding of the Australian environment, WSSA incorporates features that are innovative with materials that ensure the longevity and reliability of our safety storage solutions. When you purchase WSSA products, you obtain products that are not only purpose-built, you also get products that are built to thrive in the unique Australian workplace conditions.


Australian Safety Standards.

Australian Standards are a set of benchmarks and guidance that specifies the minimum requirement of quality, safety or performance of a product or service. When you buy products or engage services for your business, you’d want to know if they are safe and fit for the purpose you intend to use them for, especially when it comes to warehouse equipment and/or materials.

Do note that even when not in use, hazardous and/or dangerous goods/materials/chemicals can still pose a risk. Some can contribute or cause explosions or fire, injure and/or poison people, damage your property if they are stored unsafely or using substandard storage equipment.

Australian Standards (AS) are voluntary, however, where state governments or the commonwealth refer to AS or the joint Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS), they become mandatory if they are backed by legislation. 

For example, the most recent Australian Standard for steel racking (AS 4084-2012) was introduced to ensure manufacturers consider up-to-date international learnings in application and design for heavy-duty steel structures. It sets out the minimum requirements and responsibilities for all static and closed faced steel storage racking systems installed in Australia.


The Importance of Safety Storage that is Compliant with Australian Standards.

Complying with Australian Standards when it comes to safety storage solutions can’t be overrated. Workplace safety is a non-negotiable aspect of any business, especially in Australia, where there are stringent laws to ensure the well-being of employees, the protection of your valuable assets, and protecting the environment.

Australian Standards were developed to set benchmarks for product safety, reliability, and performance. Businesses that invest in safety storage that meets these standards, demonstrate their commitment to creating a secure work environment. 

Overall, the Australian Standards are essential for businesses to comply with legal requirements, maintain a high level of safety, and deliver reliable products and services to customers. As a result of these standards, trust and confidence are fostered among consumers, and a level playing field is promoted for businesses within the Australian market.


The Benefits of Shopping for Australian-Made Safety Storage.

WSSA is a leading provider of safety storage solutions, we offer swift turnaround times, allowing businesses to set up their safety measures promptly and efficiently. This not only helps you streamline your operations but also demonstrates a commitment to meeting safety requirements without compromising productivity.

Apart from the economic advantages of buying Australian-made products, we discussed above, there are other advantages when you go shopping for Australian-made Safety storage. Discussed below are some benefits:


1. Faster Speed to Market.

When businesses opt for Australian-made safety storage solutions like what we offer at WSSA, you can bypass the lengthy delays often associated with international shipping and customs procedures. 

When you buy locally, your business and local manufacturers have the advantage of proximity, which means your ordered items can be delivered swiftly within the country. WSSA has sales and administrative functions located in Brisbane, and we deliver nationwide from our warehouses located at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

The faster you get your safety storage products, means that you will also be able to set up your safety measures promptly and efficiently, without having to endure extended lead times that could potentially disrupt your operations.

Furthermore, the faster you can implement your safety protocols, reduce the risk of accidents, and enhance workplace safety at the earliest possible time.

Businesses can also benefit from smoother logistics and supply chain management by eliminating delays linked to international shipping and paying customs duties and procedures. Local options minimise the risks and complexities of cross-border shipping.

It simplifies processes, reduces administrative burdens, and makes delivery schedules more predictable. In addition, businesses can respond to changing safety needs or industry requirements faster, ensuring you stay competitive.


2. Stock Availability.

Another significant advantage when you purchase Australian-made is the assurance of stock availability. International suppliers have longer lead times that add to the challenge of acquiring safety storage units precisely when you require them immediately. WSSA maintains a robust inventory at any of our warehouses. You are therefore ensured that our products are readily available when you need them most. 


3. Deliver Affordability.

Internationally sourced products can be costly, especially for large and heavy items like safety storage units. When you buy Australian-made products, you not only save on shipping costs, you also help in supporting local businesses.

Additionally, WSSA offers free delivery to our customers on purchases over $750. Our business model allows us to deliver your order from our production line directly to your door, which also gives us a highly competitive edge in our pricing model.


4. 100% Compliance Guarantee with Australian Standards.

All WSSA products are designed and manufactured in Australia and made specifically to handle Australian conditions. You can rest assured that all our products comply with Australian Standards on all products we supply. 

 In addition to ensuring the safety of your workplace, it also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you are complying with the law. Australian Standards-compliant safety storage is not only a matter of meeting regulations, but also of managing risks effectively.


Prioritise Safety.

Workforce safety should never be compromised. Choose Australian-made safety storage solutions for a safer and more efficient workplace.

Take a proactive step towards safeguarding your workplace and your team’s well-being by taking advantage of the numerous benefits offered by buying local safety storage solutions.

Get a better understanding of the benefits of faster time to market, cost-effective solutions, and supporting the local economy. Make sure your team is well-taken care of and that Australian safety regulations are met by exploring the benefits of buying local.

Get to know WSSA’s comprehensive range of safety storage solutions and make an informed decision that will benefit your business and team.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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