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Get Your Safety Storage Using Finstro

Post date: Sep 28, 2023
Get Your Safety Storage Using Finstro by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Have you heard of the exciting news? We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between us here at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA) and Finstro. Finstro, is a technology-driven provider of trade credit and payment solutions for B2B transactions.

Get Your Safety Storage Using Finstro by WSSAFounded in 2014, the Sydney-based Australian company, has global offices in Asia, Europe, and the US. The company has helped over 7,000 businesses globally and have already deployed over $1 billion of trade payments.

Our partnership aims to revolutionise and provide you with a hassle-free and convenient way to purchase and pay for WSSA safety storage solutions. Finstro gives you a unique payment platform, allowing you to set your own payment terms, which is cost-effective and secure.

We will go through the specifics of this new collaboration in this article. We will discuss how to sign up for Finstro and benefit from it, how you can get safety storage solutions from us, and why you should take advantage of it.


Signing up for Finstro.

Finstro’s vision is to give business owners like you complete financial control of your capital. Finstro offers a comprehensive financial management system that manages customer and vendor payments by offering innovative credit-based solutions to help you get inspired in growing your business.

Setting up a Finstro account is a breeze using their web sign-up portal or their friendly mobile app. Download the Finstro app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android users.

Once installed, create your account by providing the necessary business details. Review your account to ensure accuracy, and customise the payment plan that fits your financial needs. With Finstro, you can manage your payment process effortlessly.

Finstro offers various features to simplify your payment process and help you improve your cash flow. By creating a Finstro account, you unlock the benefits of flexible payment solutions.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the convenience of setting up your payment system with Finstro. Manage your payment process and improve your financial performance, all in the palm of your hand. Get started with Finstro and improve your cash flow.

More good news, creating a Finstro account is totally free and involves no obligation. Once you have a Finstro account, you can set your own terms of payment with no additional cost.

You might ask if you can pay for your WSSA safety storage cabinets the traditional way. You certainly can, but if you choose to pay using Finstro, you’ll have the ability to optimise your cash flow by giving you longer to pay, and at no cost to you!

There are no fees if your balance is paid off during the interest-free period. You also have the option to extend your repayments for a small fee.


Who Can Get Safety Storage Using Finstro?

One of the primary advantages of WSSA’s partnership with Finstro is that it opens up opportunities for businesses of all sizes with the option of acquiring the necessary storage solutions without straining your company’s cash flow.

Businesses and industries where safety storage is a crucial component in their operations can benefit with our Finstro partnership. Businesses involved in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and those who handle and store chemicals require compliant safety storage solutions to ensure the safety of their workers, protect the environment, and adhere to regulatory requirements.

With Finstro, it allows your business to spread out the cost of your purchase over a period that aligns with your business’s financial capabilities. This payment flexibility means that even small businesses with limited budgets can purchase high-quality safety storage equipment from WSSA.

Acquiring WSSA safety storage solutions and paying for them through Finstro is a seamless process. Once your account has been approved, and you have set your payment terms, you can then select your needed dangerous goods storage from our range of safety storage products.

WSSA offers several safe storage options including flammable liquids storage, chemical/corrosive substance storage, oxidising agent storage, organic peroxides cabinet, toxic substance storage, pesticide storage, and more.

Whether you are storing flammable liquids, corrosives, toxic liquids or toxic chemicals, we have storage solutions for all your dangerous goods.


Get Your Safety Storage with Finstro Today!

Hazardous products come in different forms, liquids, solids, or gasses. They are classified as dangerous because they can damage property, people, or the environment. Some of them are toxic, oxidising, corrosive, flammable, explosive, can spontaneously combust, or can even react with water.

Due to risks associated with handling and storing of dangerous goods, it’s crucial they are safely in compliant safety storage equipment. Failure to do so may lead to financial and criminal liabilities in the event of an accident.

Because of the risks associated with dangerous goods, it is important that they are stored safely and appropriately. Failure to take proper precautions for the safety and security of dangerous goods can lead to your financial and criminal liability in the event of an accident or damage caused.

Keep your workers, the environment, and be regulations compliant with WSSA Safety Storage Solutions.

Experience the convenience of paying for your safety storage purchases by using Finstro, and set your own payment terms. Optimise your cashflow by getting started and signing up with Finstro today.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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