Drum Bunds for Epoxy Resin Users: Ensuring Safe Workspaces
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Safe and Clean Workspaces: The Crucial Role of Drum Bunds for Epoxy Resin Users

Post date: Feb 15, 2024
The importance of safe and clean workspaces for epoxy users lies in the crucial role of drum resin bunds. These bunds ensure the storage and safety of dangerous goods.

Maintaining a safe and organised workspace is paramount in industrial settings. One of the essential equipment to achieve this goal is the effective use of drum bunds.

Let’s delve into its significance and importance, placing a focus on how we at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA) can provide you with an ideal solution for containment and spill prevention in epoxy resin workplaces.


Safe and Clean Workspaces The Crucial Role of Drum Bunds for Epoxy Resin Users by WSSAThe Importance of Drum Bunds.

Industrial epoxy resin is a potent and often hazardous material that poses risks not only to the safety of the one working with it but also to the environment. It is considered hazardous due to its chemical composition and potential health risks associated with its use.

Accidental spills can occur during the transportation, storage, or handling of resin. They act as a containment barrier, preventing spills from spreading and causing potential harm. This containment feature is crucial in averting untoward accidents, possible injuries, and potential environmental damage that may arise from uncontrolled leaks or spills.


Drum Bunds: The Ultimate Solution for Epoxy Resin Containment and Spill Prevention.

Working with epoxy demands meticulous attention to safety and is a crucial element in achieving a secure workspace for their strategic use. They offer a definitive solution, standing out as the perfect means to ensure containment and spill prevention of hazardous materials.

Let’s now look into the key features and benefits that make our bunds unparalleled for safeguarding both the workplace and the environment.


1. Robust Containment Design.

Resin is fluid and requires a containment solution that can withstand the dynamic properties of the material. Our drum bunds are engineered with a robust containment design, ensuring that even in the event of spills or leaks, the epoxy is caught within its bunded area.

They act as a robust secondary containment system, providing an additional layer of protection in case of leaks or spills. This containment capability prevents the spread of leaked or spilled materials, reducing the risk of possible accidents and environmental contamination.


2. Customised for Epoxy Resin Handling.

Workspaces working with resin involve handling drums of various sizes and quantities. A one-size-fits-all approach may not be sufficient for the diverse needs of users.

We recognise this diversity and provide safety equipment that is versatile and customisable. Our design accommodates different drum and container sizes. This ensures regardless of your scale of operations, our bunds can provide an effective containment solution.


3. Adherence to Australian Standards.

It is a requirement of Australian laws that containment bunds be manufactured with materials that best suit a specific class of dangerous goods. Compliance with Australian Standards is paramount in ensuring safety and regulatory compliance of workplaces handling hazardous materials.

We take pride in offering products that meet and exceed Australian Standards. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness in containing spills. This not only ensures workplace safety but also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that our containment solution aligns with the highest industry standards.

A commitment to compliance is essential for businesses looking to operate responsibly and avoid legal complications.


4. Australian Manufacturing Excellence.

Workplaces in Australia face unique conditions, including environmental factors that demand resilient solutions. Our drum bunds are manufactured locally, and designed to withstand Australian conditions.

Our commitment to Australian manufacturing excellence ensures durability and reliability, addressing the specific challenges posed by the Australian industrial environment. Choosing locally manufactured bunds not only helps in improving the local economy but you are also assured of a higher level of quality and reliability.


5. Environmental Stewardship.

Responsible management of hazardous materials involves not only protecting employees and the workplace but also safeguarding the environment from potential contamination.

They play a pivotal role in environmental stewardship by preventing spills from reaching the ground or water sources. This proactive approach aligns with sustainability goals, making these bunds an environmentally responsible choice for containment and spill prevention.


6. Peace of Mind and Confidence.

Epoxy resin users need assurance that their chosen containment solution is reliable and effective. With a 100% guarantee of meeting Australian Standards, we instil confidence in our product users.

An assurance of compliance, coupled with our proven track record in containing and preventing spills, provides users with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their work without compromising safety. This peace of mind translates to increased productivity, as workers can focus on their tasks without worrying about potential hazards.

They are the epitome of excellence when it comes to material containment and spill prevention. Their robust design, customisation options, adherence to Australian Standards, local manufacturing excellence, environmental stewardship, and the assurance of peace of mind position our bunds as the perfect solution for businesses committed to the safe and responsible handling of hazardous materials.


Key Features of Drum Bunds.

To further emphasise their efficacy for storage, it’s essential to highlight some key features that set these solutions apart:


1. Durable Construction.

Their design makes them durable enough to withstand the rigours of industrial environments. Made from durable materials, you are assured of their longevity and resilience.


2. Modular Design.

Their modular design allows for flexibility in configuring storage solutions based on the volume and type of resin being used.


3. Easy Maintenance.

We fully understand the importance of user-friendly solutions. They are designed for easy maintenance and facilitate hassle-free inspection and cleaning.


4. Customisation Options.

Recognising that different industries may have unique requirements, they can be customised to meet your unique or specific needs ensuring a tailored solution for every user.

Together with Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, Clearpox establishes itself as a trusted epoxy resin brand. Clearpox offers clear resins for art and design, casting, river tables, garage doors, and marine and boat interior repair, used with fibreglass, adhesives and coatings, and more.

The synergy between Wholesale Safety Storage Australia and Clearpox ensures a comprehensive approach to safety and efficiency in applications.



Safe and Clean Workspaces The Crucial Role of Drum Bunds for Epoxy Resin Users by WSSAFor businesses working with epoxy resin, drum bunds are an essential investment. Besides meeting Australian Standards, these bunds offer durability, compliance, and customisation. Safety is paramount when working with hazardous materials, so businesses can address the challenges with confidence and responsibility by incorporating reliable containment solutions.

For businesses seeking top-notch safety solutions for storage, Wholesale Safety Storage Australia is your go-to partner. Take the first step towards a safer and compliant workspace by exploring our range of drum bunds and spill pallets today!

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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