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Set Your Payment Terms Using Finstro

Post date: Jun 29, 2023
Set Your Payment Terms Using Finstro by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Perhaps you are mulling over how far you can take your business to the next quarter of 2023 onwards. As an entrepreneur, it is expected that you have a map of your business, envisioning how your enterprise can soar to a profitable standing while keeping your employees and workplace safe.

Set Your Payment Terms Using Finstro by Wholesale Safety Storage AustraliaCashflow is important for business since it can determine where your business stands. A business that has a positive cash flow, steady revenue, and net profit is attractive to investors and may wish to collaborate with such a business.

At Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA), we want to support our valued business customers improve their business cashflows. So, we are pleased to announce that WSSA is introducing a new way to pay for your purchases by partnering with Finstro – the leader in Trade Payments. The goal is to help you pay for your safety storage purchases on terms that fit your business needs.

Our partnership with Finstro allows us to extend longer and more flexible trade terms to you, our valued business customers. This partnership aims to provide longer and more flexible payment terms to our business customers at WSSA. Our Partnership delivers several advantages to you that we will discuss below.


What is Finstro?

Finstro brings an innovative approach to B2B Trade and is pleased to inspire and support small and midsize business (SMB) growth. Finstro is built with the latest technology and being run by experienced leaders and partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands, they have been backing businesses since 2014.

Finstro’s vision is to put business owners like you in complete control of your working capital. Finstro offers a comprehensive cash flow management system that manages customer and vendor payments, and offers innovative credit-based solutions to help you grow your business. 

Their mission is to simplify the management of your both customers and suppliers finances, and give back your most valuable asset, your time. Paying with Finstro gives you the confidence to grow and expand your business.

It is important to get the right type of credit for your business’s financial well-being. Finstro business credit for recurring purchases, regular or one-time business expenses, and allows you to arrange repayments that work for your revenue and achieve a strong financial position.

Creating a Finstro account is totally free and involves no obligation. Once you have a Finstro account, you can set your own terms of payment with no additional cost to you. 


Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA)

WSSA is an authorised distributor of one of Australia’s leading health and safety equipment manufacturers. We are based in Brisbane and can deliver across Australia from any of our warehouses located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

We are proud to say that we are a 100% locally owned and operated business, supporting Australian manufacturing. Our products are designed and engineered here in Australia, built for Australia’s harshest conditions. All our products meet Australian standards, and we back them with a 100% guarantee.

 We can deliver our products straight from production directly to your doorstep, securely packaged, ready to use, with no assembly required. WSSA offers a 100% Australian Safety Compliance on all products we supply, built for Australian conditions, with a 100% guarantee.

A helpful guide that also includes our full terms and conditions regarding our shipping process are available by clicking here.


How our Partnership with Finstro Benefit You when purchasing WSSA Safety Storage?

Expanding and growing your business are vital parts of any company’s goals. Gaining a more significant chunk of the market and making your brand a household byword. 

What if a lifeline was suddenly offered to you to get out of the survival rut? A payment solution that can offer you:


► Longer Net Terms.

When you pay for your WSSA Safety Storage with Finstro, you get to enjoy flexible repayment terms for both your existing and future purchases. 

Improved Cashflow.

With access to flexible payment terms through Finstro, you can align your repayments against your business revenues and improve your overall cashflow position.

Grow Your Business.

You can grow your business by paying us using Finstro, you get to leverage their payment options, which allows you to make larger orders, increase your purchasing power, improve your cashflow to support your expansion, and capitalise on new opportunities.

No cost, No obligation.

It’s important to note that using Finstro for your safety storage purchases comes with no cost or obligation. You have the freedom to decide whether to utilise your Finstro account. Simply having the account doesn’t incur any charges.

This means you can have the flexibility and benefits of Finstro at your fingertips without any financial burden or by simply having the account.

Further Extension Period.

You need more time to pay? Finstro account users have a range of options to push repayments or to split their bills into a number of equal periodic payments.

Reasonable fees and charges can be accorded to you if you opt to extend your payments to suit your business.

This is just some of what Finstro can do for you. In today’s business environment, the payment platform helps your business get back on track – and thrive.


Propel Your Business Forward.

We at WSSA believe that you as a valued customer should have the flexibility with how and when you pay for your purchases. Regardless if it is an outstanding balance or new purchases of safety storage equipment from us.

By paying for your purchases with Finstro, you can split bigger purchases in manageable instalments and even extend your due date (for a small fee). Purchase what you need from us and get total freedom to repay on your terms. You may even increase your trade amount limit when you need to.

Ensure the safety of your team by taking a proactive approach by purchasing or upgrading your safety storage requirements from WSSA. Install the Finstro app from the Apple App Store or get it from Google Play, and pay for your purchase with Finstro today.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


  • E-book file will be sent to your email.


On purchases over $750 to:









*Conditions apply – click to view.

At the time of checkout we will automatically activate your free metro shipping if you qualify.

Important: Assistance with unloading


For items over 30kg, select Tailgate delivery if no forklift is available for unloading. Tailgate deliveries do not qualify for free metro delivery. Tailgate delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver. There must be reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.


Any additional fees from courier companies will be passed on if not advised in advance.


Feel free to contact us immediately after placing your order if required.

Tailgate Delivery Terms and Conditions

Any additional handling or manoeuvring to get the items in to position that requires specialised equipment, such as a tailgated truck or a truck mounted forklift, is not covered by any free freight offers.

For those who are new to freight, a tailgate truck (also known as a tail-lift truck or hydraulic truck) has a rear platform which can be lowered to the ground for convenience when unloading heavy goods.  This is a requirement for unloading freight over 30kg when a forklift is not available on site to unload the delivery vehicle.  Carriers class this as a specialised delivery service, and charge a premium for tailgate deliveries.

Tailgate delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver. There must be reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.

Tailgate shipping adds an extra $135 + gst to shipping fees during checkout to cover costs.

NOTE: Selecting the WRONG answer in regards to tailgate shipping means the carrier may be unable to unload your items and may need to re-deliver it.  The Customer will be liable for any further charges for re-delivery should this occur.  Should you have questions or if you are unsure please contact us first.

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