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Ramp for low profile drum pallet bunds

Bund Ramp for Low Profile Drum Bunds

$360.00 + GST

Attach this bund ramp to any low profile bunds (DBPG2LP / DBPG4LPDBPG6LP / DBPG8LP) for easy trolley access

Made In Australia


Bund Ramp – Suits All Spill Crew Low Profile Polyethylene drum bunds

Attach this bund ramp to any low profile bunds (DBPG2LP / DBPG4LPDBPG6LP / DBPG8LP) for easy trolley access.

  • Build a customised bunded floor system is made easy by connecting our range of low profile drum bunds together
  • Attach the bund ramp for safe and seamless trolley access to the bund deck
  • Locking clips and added grip prevents the ramp from slipping and moving, and stops staff from slipping.
  • The polyethylene construction is resistant to most chemicals, acids and corrosives.
  • Bund ramp is supplied with two joining clips that are affixed to the ramp. Ramp is then located next to the bund with clips holding two units together.
  • Manufactured and tested in Australia with a 1000kg UDL (universally distributed load).


Create your own bunded floor system

Build your own customised bunded floor system by joining low profile spill pallets together.

  • Joining strips lock spill pallets together
  • Sump-to-sump bund connectors seamlessly join the drums’ sumps, allowing you to combine sump capacities for a larger overall catchment volume.
  • A ramp provides drum trolleys easy access to the raised platform.


Made in Australia

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions122 × 73.5 × 18 cm

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