5 Ways Transportable Battery Storage Ensures Compliance
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5 Ways Transportable Battery Storage Can Help You Stay Compliant

Post date: Mar 30, 2023
5 Ways Transportable Battery Storage Can Help You Stay Compliant

Lead-acid batteries contains a solution of sulphuric acid (35%) and water (65%) which serves as it electrolyte solution (battery acid). This solution is highly corrosive and can cause chemical burns to the skin and eyes if improperly mishandled.

Due to the presence of acid in its components, lead-acid batteries are considered Class 8 – Corrosive Substances and should be handled in accordance to AS3780-2008 (The storage and handling of corrosive substances).

At Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA), we provide Transportable Battery Cages that are fully equipped to handle Class 8 Corrosive substances and can be used to store or transport lead-acid batteries to where they will be used or transport used ones to recycling facilities safely and in accordance with law.


Precautions and Battery Basics.

During its normal operation, lead-acid batteries are capable of delivering a high rate of electric charge, water is lost from a non-sealed lead-acid battery due to evaporation. While these batteries are being charged, they produce hydrogen and oxygen gasses, which are both highly flammable and explosive during the process of electrolysis.

Sealed lead-battery explosions are believed to only happen when its electrolyte levels are below the plates in the battery, and thus, a hydrogen and oxygen mixture accumulates in the space created by low electrolyte levels.  

Once this battery is engaged or used, it may create a spark which ignites the accumulated gases, causing the battery to explode.

In instances such as these, a physical examination of the battery is in order. If you observe the battery has any form of expansion, no matter how slightly, deviating from its normal form and shape (or damaged), do not use the battery to prevent the risk of anything untoward from happening.


Staying Compliant with Transportable Battery Cages.

Lead-acid batteries must be transported in accordance with various state and federal regulations in Australia, which includes dangerous goods, hazardous waste, road transport, and workplace safety. Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of batteries used in cars and other motor vehicles.

Regulations in place that govern the safe storage of new and used lead-acid batteries are similar where both must be stored and handled in accordance with applicable dangerous goods, environmental and workplace health and safety regulations.

Transportable battery storage cages are primarily used to store and transport batteries to areas where they will be used or, in the case of used ones, to recycling facilities.

The use of transportable battery storage cages should have the following characteristics to remain compliant with existing laws.


1.  Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

WSSA’s transportable battery cage is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use due to its robust construction, and it’s two coat finish. Its UV stabilised polyester topcoat ensures that it will be able to withstand harsh outside environments.

Batteries, whether new or for disposal, cannot just be left anywhere under the pain of fines and sanctions. Therefore, the storage of batteries in duly approved cages help in compliance.


2.  Capable of transporting over large distances.

Tough construction makes a transportable unit indispensable when hauling batteries over long distances without causing damage to its contents, even on some of Australia’s most inhospitable roads. Safe transport is required for Class 8 dangerous goods. 

3.  Load tested.

One feature that must be looked at is to ensure that transportable cages would be able to handle the stress of load without incurring damage and opening the risk of spilling its contents unceremoniously.

WSSA’s battery storage are type load tested t withstand 2,000 kg as accredited by NATA engineers. Additionally, dynamic compression certificates can be provided when customers require such documentation.


4.  High sump capacity.

A high sump capacity is advantageous when transporting a number of batteries from one site to another. Our storage has a total sump capacity of 145L that is capable of handling a stack of batteries 500 mm high when placed on a pallet. It can be extended up to 640 mm high when the batteries are stacked and placed directly on its bund, that is constructed of polypropylene (removable grating).


5.  Prevents the occurrence of battery acid discharge.

A transport battery storage should provide protection against the corrosive properties of battery acid. There can be instances when sealed lead-acid batteries get damaged. Our transport cages can contain this leaks on the remote chance that they happen, preventing discharge of such acids into the environment in compliance with safety laws.


Secured protection in storage and transport.

At WSSA, we are committed to providing fully compliant and Australian designed and made products. WSSA Transportable Battery Cages are built using the heavy-duty zinc anneal steel and lined with polyethylene bund that can withstand any corrosion from leaking batteries (should they happen).

5 Ways Transportable Battery Storage Can Help You Stay CompliantThe use and disposal of lead acid batteries are considered hazardous in any state or territory in Australia. And it is considered an offence to disregard regulations in allowing acids into the environment.

Through the use of fully compliant, transportable battery storage cages provide a layer of protection and assures that your company fully complies with existing laws in the storage and transport of lead-acid batteries.

Look no further if your company needs to transport new or used batteries. Get in touch with us today for all your safety storage needs.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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