5 Reasons to Purchase Australian Made Safety Storage
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5 Reasons to Purchase Australian Made Safety Storage

Post date: Dec 29, 2022
5 Reasons to Purchase Australian Made Safety Storage by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia


Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA), pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with safety storage products with a 100% guarantee that complies with and meet all relevant Australian standards on our products. This guarantee ensures that we not only comply with the production of what we produce, it also means that acquiring our products for your business ensures that you also comply with safety requirements of the AHS.

Furthermore, all our safety storage products are manufactured right here in Australia, built for Australian conditions. Additionally, this also ensures that you are supporting local Australian manufacturing for your safety gear and equipment for the job.


Why Buy Australian?

It is not rocket science in today’s digital world to find products that are so readily available online. Whilst a simple search can yield an extensive list of international products that are available right there at your fingertips, acquiring Australian made products are still a smarter and better choice.

But what makes buying Australian great? Let us explore Top 5 Reasons why purchasing Australian made products are a better choice.


1.  You help in supporting the Australian economy.

Buying Australian products mean you help keep the money within Australia. This in turn generates more income for the national economy that help in supporting local jobs, businesses, and industries.

Regardless of value and tax revenues, rolling Australian dollars within the economy means jobs can be created within and not diverted to another country where they reap the benefits if we import from them for our needs.


2.  Quality Assurance.

Australia requires businesses to comply with some of the world’s strictest business, quality control, safety, and labour standards. This equates to products that at the least meet the minimum safety and quality standards.

When you buy Australian-made products, you contribute to businesses that:

      • Produces quality and top-tiered goods and products.
      • Treat their workers and pay them fair wages.
      • Uses and employs high quality resources and materials in their products.

3.  Warranty guarantees and easier service options.

Australian-made products automatically comes with guarantees, protecting the consumer from common product risks and pitfalls as stipulated under the Australian Consumer Law. This means buying Australian products are guaranteed that they will work for their intended purpose.

Additionally, many Australian producers offer further warranties and guarantees on their products, adding to what is already prescribed by law for the benefit of the consumer.

Here at WSSA, we deliver our goods fully assembled and ready to use. No additional expense will be incurred by buyers. Buyers who opt to purchase from import suppliers will have to pay extra for the assembly of flatpacks before they can even be of use.


4.  Better lead times and lower delivery cost.

Buying Australian means proximity. What it means to you is that you receive your items/products faster than products of the same type that is produced overseas.

Not only will you save time – you are also saving money. Domestic shipping is far cheaper and reasonable than overseas shipping, which also comes with it long wait times for your products/items to be delivered.

At WSSA, we offer free metro shipping that applies to the metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, covering all orders over $750.00.


5.  Environmental sustainability.

Apart from complying with the strict protection of workers and their customers, Australian businesses also have to comply and adhere to stringent environmental guidelines and policies in their manufacturing process.

In addition to adhering to strict labour, quality control standards, and business safety, guarding and preserving the environment, Australia has some of the strictest environmental controls in the world.

Further, buying Australian-made products help in reducing the energy consumption used to transport finished products, which in turn reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Furthermore, products that are Australian-made are of higher standards, which means that they are more likely to last longer accompanied by local repair options available, if there is a need. This results in a greater ROI and fewer used up products ending up in landfills.


Maintain a local manufacturing base.

As the pandemic is still a prime detriment to economies around the world, higher importance must be placed on local manufacturing, so we can sustain ourselves in the case of drastic supply chain disruptions and shortages.

5 Reasons to Purchase Australian Made Safety Storage by Wholesale Safety Storage AustraliaBy keeping onshore manufacturing within Australia across several, if not all, industries alive is crucial in maintaining our sustainability. Alongside this, consider that every direct job in manufacturing in Australia leads to another 4 jobs in the local economy.

In choosing to be conscious with our spending, we can make a difference in creating jobs in the local area, setting high ethical standards and respecting worker rights, sourcing natural resources from more sustainable sources, and reducing our carbon footprint. We can do this by buying Australian-made products.

We can gain a great deal by supporting Australian businesses. With the current climate, buying Australian-made products helps our fellow Australians recover from COVID-19’s financial and social burdens as quickly as possible. Buying Australian products makes sense.

WSSA makes its range of safety storage solutions according to strict environmental policies during the manufacturing process. As a manufacturer of Australian made environmentally friendly products, we know our customers are getting the very best.

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Tailgate delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver. There must be reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.

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