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Why You Need The Correct Spill Kit by Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Why You Need The Correct Spill Kit

Spill kits need to be able to absorb all the liquids and chemicals in the area to rid the space of hazardous materials properly. When working within the industrial or even medical sectors, there are many chemicals present that need to be contained. If leaks occur, they can lead to potential harm to workers or damage to surrounding equipment or environment. It is important to take care of spills before they get out of control. Some absorbent material will collect water along with the chemicals that have spilt, while other absorbent material will collect oils and fuels in and around water without absorting the water itself.  With the right spill protection, you can ensure you are always at the ready. Read on to find out more about the contents of these kits.


While not technically used for soaking up chemicals and liquids, booms are an absorbent material to prevent these elements from running throughout a workspace. In addition, booms help to ensure that a spillage does not enter any drains or sewer systems, redirecting the chemicals away from these areas.


Heavy-duty wipes are available in rolls and can be used the same way as a household wipe. While they don’t have the same absorbent capacity as pads or pillows, these high-quality wipes are ideal for removing chemical residue from surfaces, equipment, chemical packages and storage facilities.

Absorbent Spill Pads

Absorbent pads can be quickly placed over a leak to soak it up effectively. They are usually placed on smaller patches or leaks due to their size and ability to soak up a limited amount of material. Be sure to look for products that are suited to your specific site needs.


As the name suggests, pillows are a thick, malleable material best used to help contain spills. These offer durable, thick barriers that can hinder the flow and ensure the most optimum amount is soaked up. While absorbent pads are designed to be placed on top of the liquid or wiped over affected areas, pillows can be placed in and under leaking equipment to absorb larger amounts of spilled liquids.

Floor Sweep

Floor sweeps may be made from natural wood and fibres to heat sterilised zeolite minerals. Floor sweeps are designed for fast absorption and complete encapsulation of spilled chemicals. Once the floor sweep has absorbed the material, you can use a broom to move the floor sweep into a central position. Then, the contaminated product can be shovelled into waste bags and removed from the site.

When you use the right spill kits, you can absorb all chemicals and leaks in the working area. With the ability to correctly control these leaks, you can ensure your staff and machines are always protected. Contact us today to find out more.

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