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Spill Kits In The Workplace by WSSA

Spill Kits In The Workplace

Searching for reputable suppliers to buy a spill kit? WSSA has a range of practical and efficient solutions on hand for all your business needs. It’s crucial to have a spill kit available at all times if your line of work involves the handling and transportation of liquids of any kind.

Each and every employee of your business, as well as the surrounding environment, is seriously at risk for health and safety in the event of a spill.
Spills must be carefully contained and cleaned up immediately, handling with the liquids with care. Even a tiny spill can pose major issues for your business because of potential fines and other legal repercussions, in addition to health and environmental concerns.

Here are reasons why businesses that deal with liquids should always have a spill kit on-site and prepared for usage, to emphasise the need for having one.


Spills are expensive. It is best to take care of them as soon as possible. Employees may easily grab the kit or kits and take care of the issue right away, so long as there is a spill kit readily available on the premises. Spill kits contain pre-packed absorbent materials necessary for safe and efficient cleanup. This makes it possible to swiftly and safely contain the spill. The business can avoid losing a significant amount of money if the potential harm from a spill is minimised and staff are able to return to work right away.

Safer Workflow
The need to limit access to areas of the workspace while cleaning a spill may have disastrous effects on a company’s workflow. Oil spills can increase the likelihood of falls and make it unsafe for forklifts and other transport equipment to move through the area. Toxic or corrosive fluids also require comprehensive cleaning before the workstation can be reopened. All of this takes time, which causes employees to wait, productivity to decline, and business performance to suffer.

Spill Removal
To clean up workplace spills as they happen without having to wait for professionals to appear and do the job for you, is perhaps the most obvious reason why you need a spill kit on hand. This is especially crucial if your company or organisation deals with toxic fluids because corrosive materials can harm people and property. Furthermore, if toxic fluids of any kind are not managed, the ecosystem could suffer long-term consequences. The longer it takes to clean up a spill, the greater the possibility that it will damage a broader region and seep into nearby ecosystems and water supplies.
No matter the type of liquid or surface, our selection of products has been created for a quick and efficient response. Get in touch with us to buy a spill kit today.

Streamline processes, manage workplace compliance, and reduce risk when dealing with Dangerous Goods


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