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Double IBC containment bund – canvacon cover

Double IBC Containment Bund – Canvacon Cover

$615.00 + GST

Use double IBC bund covers to protect your IBCs and bund from debris or rainwater ingress.

Made to fit our Polyethylene Double IBC Containment Bund


Double IBC containment bund – canvacon cover

These double IBC bund covers have been designed to prevent rainwater ingress into the bund when storing IBCs or bulki boxes outdoors. This in turn reduces the likelihood of any spilled liquid overflowing the bund.

  • Use with our polyethylene double IBC spill pallets or galvanised double IBC containment bunds.
  • Double IBC bund covers prevent rainwater from reducing the containment volume within a bund.
  • Covers are fitted with a viewing window that opens to allow access to the IBC valve.
  • Spill pallet covers are manufactured as standard in yellow canvacon.
  • Spill pallet covers can be customised to suit different shaped drums/containers.
  • Optional anti-static covers are available in all sizes.
  • Double IBC bund covers can also be manufactured to include additional viewing windows, zips and access ports.
  • Optional document satchel can be fixed to the IBC spill pallet cover for storing relevant documents such as SDS.

Why is this important?

If your bund sump fills with rainwater (or any other kind of debris) and then one of your containers leaks, the capacity of the sump becomes severely compromised. It’s widely regarded as best practice that a bund should include a sump capacity of at least 110% of the largest container stored on it to be deemed compliant.

Made in Australia

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm

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