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Aerosol flammable cabinet – 850can

Aerosol Storage Cage - 850 Can

$2,195.00 + GST


  • Suitable for storage of up to 850 aerosol cans (65mm diameter)
  • External: 165cm (w) x 53.5cm (d) x 172cm (h)
  • 5 Shelves (including base)
  • 3 Doors fitted with magnetic latches


Aerosol Storage Cage – 850 Can

  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3833-2007.
  • Store up to 850 aerosol cans (65mm diameter) over 5 storage levels (base + 4 shelves)
  • The cage construction allows natural ventilation in accordance with Australian standards.
  • Each cage is constructed with a solid steel floor and roof.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel.
  • All cages come with Class 2 Flammable Gas warning and safety signs.
  • The aerosol cage can be permanently fixed with pre-drilled feet in each corner for added security.
  • Magnetic latches are fitted to the doors, and can be locked using the padlock lugs (padlock not supplied).
  • Our aerosol storage cages are tough and easily manoeuvrable.  They can be mounted on a bench if required.

Additional information

Weight180 kg
Dimensions170 × 60 × 200 cm

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