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IBC Spill Containment with a Bund or Pallet from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

IBC or intermediate bulk containers require large IBC spill containment to handle the volumes they hold. Wholesale Safety Storage Australia provides solutions for your needs, and our products meet the codes under which you must comply. Our goal is to keep your business compliant and your employees safe.

IBCs are a convenient method of storing and transporting bulk chemicals for a variety of reasons. Their cube shape allows for efficient space utilisation, they’re easy to move with a forklift, and the tap provides easy dispensing capabilities. They are durable, but when they do fail, they need an effective IBC bund to prevent small contaminations as well as catastrophic incidents.

Benefits of Secondary Containment

Secondary confinement of IBC benefits the bottom line of a company in several ways. Firstly, it keeps you compliant with regulations and prevents you from paying fines or losing money through shut-downs. If you do have a spill, the clean-up can be extensive and expensive which makes prevention much more cost-effective.

Spills and leaks can corrode, cause a fire or create other types of damage to your equipment or facility and insurance will not reimburse you if you are found to be non-compliant with safe operating procedures such as IBC spill containment. The replacement equipment or repairs will come out of profits which could send a company into financial devastation.

When hazardous materials escape, it puts your employees at risk for injury or illness. Of course, you want to prevent any suffering of your workers and keep them safe. Lost-time injuries not only lead to hardships for your employees and their families but also hurt your productivity.

The news of accidents or noncompliance violations can travel through the industry which will hurt your reputation. Suppliers and customers may look for other businesses with which to deal so they aren’t associated with poor practices.

Secondary containment such as an IBC spill pallet benefits the environment by preventing hazardous materials from contaminating the soil and water supplies. Even little leaks can contaminate drinking water and affect wildlife. If leaks or spills occur, reclamation is easy if you have an effective IBC containment pallet in place.

Inspections of Drum and IBC Spill Containment

Companies just can’t put drums or an IBC on a containment pallet and assume the job is done. Secondary containment requires regular checks to ensure it will do its job when needed. For example, a drum or IBC bund/spill pallet should be inspected for cracks, corrosion, or other points of concern. You need to remove precipitation accumulation as well.

If your containers are outside, plant growth can give you clues that you may have an unseen leak. Some chemicals will fertilise plants so you may see excessive growth around the bund while others will kill plants, causing the area to seem lifeless.

If you have concerns about an existing system or about what type or size of spill pallet is appropriate for your needs, contact Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, and we can help.

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