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Store Toxic or Corrosive Chemicals with Chemical Safety Cupboards from Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Does your business need a chemical safety cabinet? If your workers regularly handle dangerous substances, then the answer is probably ‘Yes’. Handling chemicals is dangerous. Many chemicals are toxic, corrosive, flammable, or perhaps even all three. Contact of these chemicals with the skin or eyes can lead to serious and irreversible injury. Spills can be catastrophic and can significantly damage surfaces or other materials. For good reason, handling chemicals on a worksite or in the workplace must be done with utmost care. Even when your employees aren’t directly handling these goods, though, they can be hazardous. Storage and transportation for chemicals is complicated by the fact that spills or leaks in storage or transit can lead to thousands of dollars in damage while also presenting major safety and contamination risks. These dangers can be greatly mitigated with chemical storage cabinets.

Shopping for Chemical Storage Cabinets

If you need to store chemicals that are labelled as toxic, flammable, or corrosive at your workplace, then it’s important to know what qualifies as a ‘chemical storage cupboard.’ Not just any cabinet can serve this purpose. You can’t store buckets of flammable lacquer or bottles of corrosive acid in the cleaning closet. Instead, you need a special type of cabinet that has been specifically built to house these types of materials. As you might expect, if you’re looking for chemical storage cupboards in Australia, you’re not going to find them at your average department store. Instead, you will need to shop with a company that works in the niche of safe storage. These types of businesses, while harder to come by, will bring significant experience and knowledge to the table. They will be able to tell you about the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code, advise you on the types of materials that fall under this umbrella and point you towards the right storage modules to use for stowing these materials away. At Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, we are one of these businesses. We carry a range of different safety storage systems for dangerous or potentially dangerous materials. Many of those materials fall under the ADG Code. For instance, we have cabinets that are specifically designed to store toxic substances, flammable liquids and corrosive chemicals. From acids to toxic gases to flammable paints to pesticides, we have something that can store it safely and in compliance with all Australian standards.

Find the Right Storage Container for Your Chemical Substances

If you’re working with hazardous chemicals of any sort, make sure you are protecting your employees, your facilities, and your business. At Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, we can help you do just that. We stock chemical cabinets in Australia, most of them from companies that are also based in Australia. This focus on domestic manufacturing means you always get a product built to suit national standards. Find the right storage container for the chemical substances your business uses every day. Get in touch with Wholesale Safety Storage Australia today.

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